Don’t Buy a Toddler Bike That is Too Heavy

When you are someone who like to go out on a road bike or out on a mountain bike you kind of get used to what it should feel like, whether a good quality one is going to weigh you down or set you flying.  But to be honest, there really isn’t anything on the market these days that could be counted as a beast.  Most bikes are made of a well sourced, light, technologically advanced materials.

The frame shape even is often adapted to be lighter yet take greater punishment.  And surely all models of bike are now the same!

Nope.  Toddler bikes, in general, are not.

nate´s new balance bikeIt came as a great shock to me the other day to pick up my youngest son’s bike and discover that it weighed nearly as much as my own mountain bike.  And yet it is so much smaller.  What gives?

I could only put it down to one thing: the materials that they make a frame out of are exactly the same, but the technology that enables an adult bike to be so much lighter just isn’t present in a smaller size bike.  Don’t they care?  Or do they just not bother!  To be honest, beats me either way!  All I know is that surely if they are going to build a bike for a small person who will occasionally need to lift it (over the dog or cat, for example) then they will need to make it a little lighter.  Proportionately, if we were to scale the size/weight upwards to my height I am not sure that I could lift it!

On closer inspection I came to another conclusion, and that is that the components were too big for the bike as well.  The reach for the brake levers, for example, was disproportionate for young fingers.  And even with my paws there wasn’t much of a chance of me being able to put enough force on the levers to be able to stop the thing.

If you are on the look out for a new toddler bike then do take the time to make sure that it isn’t just the frame size you are looking at, but rather all the different bits and pieces such as weight and components.

This post is written by Andrew Gray, who is a keen cyclist and writes for – a blog about losing weight cycling.