How to Choose a Doll’s Pram for Your Child

Dolls are a popular toy for girls all over the world and most little girls have a small collection of dolls, usually with one or two favorites from Barbies to current Liv doll puppy. Playing with dolls is an important part of development for children; practicing their roles as adults and using their imaginations in make believe play.

Most little girls who play with dolls will also have a whole set of paraphernalia that comes with them – doll clothes, tea sets and doll prams are the main accessories that will encourage creative play. Children love to copy their parents and little girls love pushing their dolls around in a doll pram just like they would with a real baby.

There is a huge selection of toy prams available for the market and it’s important to choose one appropriate to the age, interests and capabilities of your child. You’ll need to find a pram that is the right height for your child – playing with a toy that is too large can be frustrating and even dangerous. Also bear in mind that it’s probably not worth spending a fortune on a beautiful replica pram if it’s for a younger child. Toddlers will be just as happy with a simple cheap model, as long as they can put their dolls in it and push it around.

If your child is still very young, start by looking at the doll prams designed specifically for toddlers. These models are sturdy and simple and come in attractive colors like bright pink, sometimes featuring popular children’s characters. A wooden doll’s pram is also a great choice for a younger child. Wood is sturdy and these toys will withstand a lot of rough play and running around. Make sure your choice has no small parts or complicated mechanisms that could trap your child’s fingers.

An older child will appreciate a more realistic looking pram. It’s possible to buy exact replicas of adult size prams for real babies, produced in miniature versions for children. Silver Cross dolls prams are one of the most popular brands and there is a wide range of models in their range, mirroring the full-size versions.