Disaster Preparation MREs – Why Every American Needs Them

Almost every morning as we wake up and turn the television on we are rocked by images of another natural disaster shaking our world. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, river flooding, these are becoming as common as the sun rising. The vast majority of Americans are woefully unprepared should the worst case scenario hit close to home. Don’t leave your family’s survival up to chance, invest in disaster preparation and stock up on food rations such as civilian MREs.

MRE’s (meals ready to eat) is a staple everybody should have on hand. The average emergency kit in a home consists of nothing more then a first aid kit, while this is an important part of an emergency kit, it is certainly not enough. The general rule of thumb is that you should have enough food on hand for you and every member of your household to survive for 72 hours on your own. We all rely on the government to save us when we’re in need, but the sad truth is that when the worst happens there just isn’t enough resources to get to everybody rapidly.

With an average shelf life of 3 years when stored at normal temperatures, around 70 degrees, these make the perfect solution should you need to leave in a hurry; or if you have to hunker down at home. MRE’s are a complete meal. Equipped with a main course, side dish, a cracker or bread, dessert, and drink powder. They also include utensils, and a heating system.

MRE’s are not just for disaster relief, they also make great choices when you are camping or hiking. The new breed of MRE’s have much greater variety and flavor. Additionally they have the added benefit of being readily available anytime you don’t have access to traditional cooking methods, such as a power outage.

Do not leave your family’s survival up to chance, you may say you have enough food for three days, but in a disaster your food will probably spoil. Buy MRE cases and bottled water and know that when you go to bed at night you can sleep easy knowing you are ready for anything.