Designer Girls Clothing is an Investment

So many parents are willing to buy cheap children’s clothing even when shopping for suits for toddlers. They site the fact that kids grow fast and grow out of their clothes before they wear them out.  Perhaps this used to be the norm but anymore the large department stores pump out cheap clothing that if you lucky will last past the first wash.  The savings in buying these items is quickly lost because you have to replace them often…too often! Designer girls clothing might be a little bit more expensive but it is well worth the investment.

Who says that kids can’t have individual style?  Well someone must have told department stores this since they will stock rows and rows of the exact same item.  This is illustrated when you go to a school and see six kids in the same coat. If your kid does not mind looking like all the rest then parents sure do the fifth time in the week that they bring home the wrong coat. Girl’s designer clothing is usually made in smaller lots.  This means that there is less chance of seeing the same item at all let alone repeated times.

However the real value in deciding to spend a bit more on clothes is not the fashion factor but it is the recyclable factor.  It is true that most of girls will out grow the items before they wear out.  However this is great if you have more than one girl in your family.  Hand me downs are impossible with some of the cheaper brands.

Reselling clothes on consignment is big business especially in children’s clothing.  Spending a bit more on quality girl designer clothes will allow you to resell them.  The prices that you can sell the items are a decent percentage of the original price.  Add the resale value to the value that you already received in the use and it really is a good investment.