Dealing with Acne During Pregnancy

Acne in early pregnancy can be a huge disappointment for pregnant women who expect to look in the mirror and see a lovely “glow”, not a face covered in bright red pimples. But if you happen to be one of those women who breakouts before a menstrual cycle, hold on tight, because you’re more likely to have acne during pregnancy. Once those hormones start working in overdrive, a woman’s oil production increases, which causes that lovely pregnancy glow in some and can create serious breakouts in others.

As with many medications out there, use of acne medication during pregnancy should be approved by your doctor. The ones that won’t be approved? Retin-A, any product with salicyclic acid (which is pretty common, so make sure you read labels) and Accutane which has been linked to birth defects. One over the counter treatment that works to reduce most pimples is triple antibiotic ointment. As usual you should check with your doctor before using any product whether you are pregnant or not, but smearing a touch of this ointment on a pimple is fairly harmless for most people and many times it works overnight.

There are other ways to combat acne during pregnancy though. Drink lots of water (you should be anyways), use make-up and moisturizers that are oil free (trust me, your skin has enough oil) if you have to use it at all, eat well (aren’t you anyway?) and use gentle cleansers (check the labels!). In the end, acne during pregnancy, like morning sickness and a big round belly, are only temporary and beyond worth it for the bundle of joy you’ll get in the end. The discomfort is minimal and usually goes away within the first few weeks after the baby is born and people are very understanding about what pregnancy does to the body.