Cricut is not Just for Scrap Bookers

Cricut is well known for its precision paper-cutting machines and cartridges that allow scrap bookers to add professional looking designs and shapes to their scrapbooks. Now bakers can get in on the precision cutting, too, with a Cricut Cake.

Taking the same general concept of its paper-cutting cousin, the Cricut Cake can form your cake into a wide variety of shapes. This eliminates the need to try to meticulously cut a cake into a shape by hand, and also makes it no longer necessary to have to deal with storing and keeping track of a bunch of shaped cake pans. Simply insert a cartridge containing the desired cake shape into the machine and let the Cricut do the rest.

There are a wide variety of cartridges to choose from. Anything from Disney to birthdays can be found in Cricut’s library, as well as graduations, weddings, Valentine’s Day and a large number of other event-specific themes. Even Martha Stewart has a line of Cricut cartridges designed to give your cakes an elegant, refined look. The cake machines themselves can also be plugged into a computer with a USB port as well, giving access to even more shapes and designs if your current cartridges do not have what you need.

Themed and shaped cakes from a baker or store can cost an arm and a leg – often as much as two or three Cricut cartridges would cost. Not to mention that Cricut cartridges can be used over and over again. After only a few uses of a Cricut machine it has paid for itself with what you would have spent at the baker.

Scrap bookers have been using Cricut machines for years to create professional cuts in their scrapbook pages, and now that same professional precision can be had in the kitchen.