Cricut Jukebox by Provo Craft

Using a cricut machine has never been easier, and now cricut has made it even better to utilize your cartridges with the Cricut Jukebox.
The Cricut Jukebox is a small jukebox style case that measure approximately 6×9″ in size. However, don’t let the size fool you regarding the handiness of this product.
The Jukebox holds up to six cricut cartridges at one time. The great thing about that is, you never have to keep swapping your cartridges in and out of your machine. You simply put your cartridges into the jukebox and attach the four foot long cable directly to your cricut machine. When you are ready to use a cartridge, you simply press the cartridge down and you are already ready to craft with that cartridge. It comes in even handier when you are toggling back and forth between cartridges while you are creating cards or scrapbooks. If you are using a certain font, but are also using several cartridges for photos or pictures, you just simply put all the cartridges in the jukebox. When you are ready to use the font, you push the font cartridge down. When you are ready to use another style of cartridge you simply press that one down instead. There is no need to continue to take one cartridge out and put another one in, taking up time, and sometimes even losing your idea in the process of the transfer.
One of the great features of the Jukebox is of it’s portability. You can take it with you to scrapbook parties, classes, or times where you are even having crafting parties using your Cricut machine.
Another nice feature is that you can hook up to three cricut machines with this one jukebox, allowing you to actually be using 18 cartridges at the same time
The versatility and portability of the Jukebox not only makes it a timesaver, but a great spacesaver, as well.