All Kinds Of Baby Cribs

If you have not shopped for cribs for babies lately, you may be surprised at the choices available. There are standard cribs for single or multiple babies, square or round cribs, 4-in-1 convertible cribs that also serve as a toddler bed, a day bed and a changing table, canopy cribs with a four-poster look, and many other types.

A necessary accompanying purchase is a baby crib mattress. They will be adjustable, as they will need to be dropped down in the crib lower as the baby gets older and more mobile. Both foam and innerspring mattresses are available. When considering foam, the heavier ones will be better. The more cushioning layers in an innerspring the better. In general, it is best to stick with better-known mattress companies.

cribs for babies

cribs for babies

Most cribs are square, but a round baby crib is an attractive alternative, especially where space is at a premium. Another advantage to round cribs is that it is easier to change their bedding than a square crib and safer for the baby as there are no corners for him to get stuck in. They are stylish, yet functional; always a welcome plus when choosing furnishings that will get a lot of use.

While picking out baby crib furniture is exciting, it is also important to research the different models to weed out any with safety issues. A crib is one item better purchased new than used, as there may be problems with ones made years ago. Parents should keep the baby crib area free from items other than a mattress and sheet set. Bumpers or dust ruffles are not recommended because they can cause suffocation. Mattress covers will help keep the baby’s environment as non-allergic as possible. There are other safety standards for cribs and resources such as Consumer Reports can provide announcements about any recalls and you may search here as well, your baby crib site.