Crafty Advice to Make a Little Bo Peep Costume for Adults

If you want to make your own little Bo Peep Halloween costume, the first thing that you need to do is to look for a ruffled mini-dress inspired from the trendy style of clothing during the Victorian era. You can find this kind of dress from your favorite costume store or get it for a remarkably cheap price at a thrift store near you.

To make a sexy costume for adults, purchase a knee-length lacy dress with several ruffles and bows. If you can find a lace-up vest or apron with several ribbons, then that would perfectly accentuate your outfit. Make sure that the dress has a tutu-like skirt. Little Bo Peep Costumes for children usually have fluffy sleeves. For adults, you can go away with the puffy sleeves and use a halter dress or ruffled off-shoulder outfit instead.

You also need a silky bonnet with several lacy ribbons. The bonnet should have a matching color with your outfit. Bo Peep dresses are often found in pastel or light-colored costumes. White is combined with pink, blue, yellow or lavender. If you have good tailoring skills, you can sew your own bonnet using a silk fabric and lacy ribbon. Then, you can wear it over your curly blonde hair or wig.

Since you will probably wear a short Bo peep dress, you may want to wear leggings or stocking to make your outfit work out well. You can even tie a ribbon on your leg part for that sassy costume. Also, it is essential to wear leggings or stocking with color and design that will complement your outfit. Then, choose comfortable shoes to wear on your Halloween party.

Your little Bo peep costume should be complete with a shepherd’s staff and sheep. For an Adult Bo Peep Costume, tall staffs are highly preferred. Again, tie a matching ribbon on the topmost part of your staff. You can either ask your friend to dress up as a sheep or you can bring a stuffed-toy sheep, instead. There are even bags formed as a sheep available in a kid’s section of a department store. You can use that as props, as well as a bag to place your valuable items.