Cost of Removing Molds

When your home is already infested with molds, your first inquiry is the cost of its removal. The cost varies depending on the area already affected. If the area is just small, you can do the cleaning by yourself. Otherwise, you must hire a professional to do the mold removal.

If the molds are manageable by yourself, you can buy packages available in the market. Depending on the brand, the cost of a single product ranges from $5 to $20. There are also items readily available in your home that you can use to remove the molds. These are cola, bleach and vinegar. Just pour it on the surface and brush the area thoroughly.

If you consider hiring a professional, you must understand that the cost involves thousands. There are several companies engaged in the business of removing molds. The company’s reputation can affect the cost as well. The costs usually include molds inspection to determine the extent of the problem, laboratory examination to find out the kind of molds and of course, the process of cleaning and removal.

The professionals will charge you for the protective gears, chemicals, encapsulation coating and machines they used. They will also add up to the contract price the cost for the installation of new plumbing; improvement of the ventilation and drainage; repair or replacement of roof; and other remedial and preventive measures.

Usually, the mold remediation cost ranges from $500 to $5000. If the areas involved are more complicated like attic and pumping lines, you will need around $2500 to $7000. However, if the molds caused widespread damage to your home then you can expect a very expensive cost for cleaning your home. Normally, the cost of removing molds from the entire house costs from $10,000 to $25,000 depending on its size.

Furthermore, the mold removal is a tedious process. So another inevitable expense that you have to pay is the cost for renting a house until the work is done because you have to leave your home during the cleaning. Ordinarily, the furniture and other valuables are also damaged and can no longer be used. So you have to consider replacing them.  In rare cases, if the mold infestation is so extreme the professionals will suggest the demolition of your house as a cheaper option.

Taking into consideration the expense above mentioned, you might want to check with your tax advisor if the cost of remediation is deductible!