Cooking With Kidkraft

There can be no doubt that teaching your child to cook is giving them a good start to life.  By encouraging your child to be active in the preparation of the meals they eat they are more likely to eat vegetables and fruits and it is those healthy habits that will be carried through to adulthood.  People are bombarded every day by media telling them they will be smarter, more attractive and more popular if they buy their product and for children these advertisements can be very impressionable. In between cartoon shows on the television there are commercials telling children they will be happy and have more friends if they have a “happy meal” at McDonalds or if they eat a certain brand of cereal. The people that have the potential to have the most influence on a child are their parents so it is worth taking the time to teach your child within their own toy kitchen the concept of healthy eating.

kidkraft toy kitchen

kidkraft toy kitchen set

Children have a natural interest in the kitchen and spend hours playing in their make-believe kitchens such as a Kidkraft kitchen set, so there can be no doubt that they will jump at the opportunity to be involved in the ‘real’ preparation of food!

Of course, the kitchen can be a dangerous place for children, but teaching them that they mustn’t use the oven or knives without an adult present is the first thing to teach your child. If you are concerned, however, there are countless meals children can prepare they don’t require an oven. Even something as simple as making sandwiches for their lunchbox with you will fill your child with excitement. They will appreciate the bonding time with you and by sneaking in ingredients like grated carrot to their sandwich you are getting vegetables into their diet in a fun way. A fruit salad with yoghurt is another example and by using soft fruit like melons and bananas a blunt, or even a plastic, knife can be used so little fingers stay safe.