Choosing Clothes for Your New Baby

Shopping for clothes is one of the most fun parts of planning for the arrival of a new baby. Few prospective parents can resist those cute tiny little outfits and many parents end up with way too many clothes that their baby cannot physically wear, as newborns grow so fast and the first sizes will quickly become too small. It is important of course to have the basics your baby will need for the first few weeks at least, and most parents choose to buy at least one or two special outfits for coming home from the hospital and other special occasions.

So what newborn baby clothes do you really need? One piece outfits are great for those first few weeks of life when you will be changing your baby frequently and won’t want the hassle of dealing with separate pieces. Most babies live in bodysuits (often called vests) and sleepsuits for their first couple of months. These clothing items make diaper changes easy as there are snappers between the legs and are easy to put on a wriggly baby who will not appreciate clothing being pulled over his head.

You can choose unisex baby clothes if you’ve decided to wait and see if your baby is a boy or a girl and of course there are lots of gender specific clothes available in pink and blue for parents who have already found out the sex of their baby from a scan. Most parents aim for a selection of both – unisex clothes are more practical as they can be used for future babies, whatever the sex but it’s hard to resist those girly pink or boyish blue outfits.

As well as the basic onesies and sleepsuits, you will need scratch mitts, socks and some type of outerwear unless you live in a warm climate. Try not to buy too much of everything as your baby will grow fast and you will probably receive a lot of clothing as gifts – there is plenty of time to buy those cute outfits later!