4 Tips For Picking Children’s Earrings

Moms dream of all the girlie things they can do with their daughters, from the time they realize they are having a girl. One of those fun things as getting her baby girls ears pierced as soon as possible. Every young girl looks forward to the say that their mom takes them to get their ears pierced and their very first pair of real earrings instead of using clip on earrings for kids. Little girl’s and baby earrings can be found just about everywhere that children’s jewelry is sold. It is important to remember some key points when heading out to purchase that first pair. With some solid research and helpful tips, those little ears will be sporting a great pair of earrings in no time.

Tip #1: Children’s earrings and adult earrings are not interchangeable.  Children’s earrings are generally lighter in weight than adult earrings resulting in no pulling of the earlobe. When purchasing children’s designer earrings, stay away from the dangling earrings as they can easily be ripped from the ear. Keep the selection limited to small simple studs.

Tip #2: Nickel allergies are high among young girls, approximately 10%. To avoid the child having an allergic reaction to nickel in the earrings, look for those that are high end silver or gold. These types of earrings do not contain nickel thereby alleviating the risk of a reaction. Titanium is another great option.

Tip #3: When piercing the child’s earring for the first time, it is crucial to choose a clean, professional place that has a positive reputation. If concerned you may ask to see certifications and seek out references.

Tip #4: In order to reduce the risk of passing on other persons germs, ensure that the person piercing the child’s ears uses disposable, single use piercing guns.

Earrings can help to boost the confidence of little girls. Ensure the child’s safety and choose the right place, the right type of earring, and the correct metal and the child will enjoy the fun of pierced ears for years to come.