Christmas Tree Decorations – The Perfect Christmas Tree

Christmas isn’t Christmas without the tree. It is the Christmas decoration that best depicts the festive season and it is important that we pay particular attention to every single detail. We shouldn’t look only at the size and where we place it within the home (nothing beats the corner near the fireplace!), but each and every decoration we put up should look fantastic.

When we are about to put up the tree there is a sense of excitement at home; especially the children. They just love getting all the decorations out of the boxes and placing them here and there on the branches to make the tree look as beautiful as possible. Even though this is quite exciting it is also very stressing: everyone wants to decorate the Christmas tree “their way”, and unfortunately, not all the kids (or adults) know how to “design” the overall look: where should all the different ornaments go as well as what is the best way to match colors, shapes and sizes. And, really, it is down to three very simple steps: select, decorate and care.

Know what size will suite your home best. Measure the ceiling height and the width of the room. You might be surprised when you go to the garden centre to choose your tree and might need a much bigger or smaller tree than you expected.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations

Trees seem to be a lot smaller outdoors – if you are thinking of getting one for your garden, patio or front yard.

Artificial or natural? Remember, whether you are trying to celebrate in a traditional way or add a modern touch to your home, choosing a tree is a matter of style, preference and taste.

If you opt for a natural one, remember that not all types of pines or firs will be available in your region.

You can also buy Christmas trees that have already been decorated if you wanted to save money on the extra ornaments or haven’t got the time to put them up this year.

When it comes to decorating your tree, less sometimes is more. Don’t put up all your decorations at once; choose according to the size and play it safe by matching two colors at most. Red and blue, red or blue and silver, black and white and gold and red are the most popular options. If in doubt, there is nothing more Christmassy than a white Christmas tree.

Be careful when placing the lights and don’t let the children near any electric fittings. Switch them off at night to save on your electricity bill.

Put up your tree when you have the time to make sure that it will look its best!

A Christmas greeting card is also a very decorative element. Place your cards on the tree if you’re short on Christmas decorations.

By taking these simple steps, your tree will look great this year!