Choosing Maternity T Shirts

Maternity t shirts make pregnancy just a little more comfortable, a little cooler in the warmer months and even a little more lighthearted as well! Let’s face it, sometimes being pregnant is just no picnic. Feet swell, legs hurt, bellies grow, backs ache and the body temperature seems to feel a little hotter than usual.  When it comes to getting dressed and going off to work or to run errands or even to meet the girls for lunch, feeling comfortable is just as important as looking terrific. Thankfully, maternity t shirts are perfect for just that.

Their lightweight cotton and extra fabric in the belly area make them excellent options to wear under cardigans or business suit jackets for work or with maternity capris or jeans for running errands or pair them with cute maternity skirts or walking shorts for an afternoon snack at a local outdoor café. For those pregnant women with a great sense of humor, there’s also many downright hysterical maternity tee shirts that will have passersby laughing and will keep a smile on mom-to-be’s face!

Keep in mind, that maternity t shirts are not just big extra large t shirts that consume and cover the entire body! Instead, they’re specially cut to fit a pregnant woman’s body. This specialized design keeps everything in proportion rather than adding way too much material on areas that just don’t need it. It’s important that if buying a maternity tshirt for yourself or as a gift, that you make sure it’s a legitimate maternity cut. It should be slightly longer in the front so that when the fabric stretches over the belly bump, it still hangs evenly with the back of the shirt.  If it raises up, then it’s simply a regular tshirt trying to disguise itself as a maternity one.

Shopping for maternity t shirts is easier than ever thanks to the fabulous Internet where the largest selection can be found. There’s also every different neckline, fabric and sleeve length from which to choose.  Nline retailers even offer low or no cost shipping on preset dollar amounts which makes shopping from home better than ever! Maternity tshirts usually range from approximately $15 to upwards of $30 depending on quality and design. For an extra special gift, look into custom made maternity t shirts that can be created to say anything your heart desires from expected delivery date to an image of baby’s first ultrasound!