Choosing computer games for your children

It should come as no surprise to most parents that children love computer games. Today, this love affair with technology starts from a very young age and it can be quite disconcerting for parents that didn’t grow up with these type of games and gadgets. Choosing an appropriate game for your child can seem almost impossible because of the sheer number of choices. This becomes even more difficult as many video games are designed for adult gamers in mind. The following are some surefire tips for choosing appropriate computer games for your children.

Check the rating
Like movies, video games are given ratings by a classification board so that consumers can make informed choices. The ratings give a guide on appropriate ages and list the reason that the game has been classified in a certain way (eg. Rating Teen – Mild Violence, Mild Language). However, you should be aware that many Internet games, such as the ever popular free animal games online, are not given a rating.

Check with the publisher
Many publishers now offer advice for parents trying to choose a video game. Educational games and games that teach responsibility, such as game where children create a virtual pet, are often given a publishers rating to suggest an appropriate age level for their games. Although these suggestions are not approved by the classification board they are still a good way to help you make informed choices for your child.

Ask your child
Of course this is not a foolproof method of finding a suitable game for your child, but asking them is a good way to initiate discussion about gaming and what they think is appropriate. Try to have this discussion at home and not at the store where you might be rushed into choosing something for them.

Get involved
One of the best ways to be informed about the latest video games is to play them with your children. This is usually a great source of fun for the children, who love seeing Mom and Dad struggle with something that they find easy, and a great way to spend time together doing something they like.

By following these tips you stand a good chance of finding the best computer games for your child. It is important to stay informed on the topic even if it doesn’t particularly interest you.