Choosing a Wall Safe for the Home

A secure wall safe can be a very smart investment if one absolutely needs to keep highly valuable items like jewelry, important documents, cash, or guns in one’s home. A safe cannot absolutely protect against every kind of criminal but it does at least prevent the typical unskilled smash and grab man from getting away with your most precious items. In addition, a fire-resistant safe can save your valuables in the case of a house fire.

A wall safe has the advantage of being easy to conceal as well as being more difficult to carry off. Inevitably, it does require some modification to your home. Obviously, one must select a spot in the wall that avoid electrical, plumbing, and ducting work. Another consideration are support studs. If the support studs in your wall are too close together for the safe to slip between, you will have to cut them and frame around the safe.

One has their choice in safes between the traditional lock and tumbler style, or the new electronic keypads. While the old-style lock and tumbler style is theoretically more vulnerable to a skilled safe-cracker, for the vast majority of owners this factor will never matter. A more practical consideration is that the electronic keypad may be far easier for the owner themselves to open, especially if they are older, visually impaired, or suffer from a reduction in manual dexterity. An even newer technology is fingerprint recognition. Expensive, but it may be especially desirable if one desires the safe to house a self-defense firearm that one will wish to access quickly at need.

The cost of wall safes for the home generally runs from $100.00 up into the several thousands, depending on the lock technology, size, construction, whether it is a fireproof, etc. It is vital to meet with a representative of a reputable company to decide what sort of safe is right for one’s specific needs.

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