Choose A Non Violent PS3 Game Bundle

As a parent, I’m sure that one of the things you are concerned about with your kids is dealing with aggression. Aggression is normal to some degree, especially in boys, but sometimes it seems that it has gotten out of control.

One of the main causes of unusual and out of control violence and aggression in teenage boys is violent video games. Study after study has shown how playing violent video games, or even watching violent television programs or movies can raise the violence level tremendously.

One study done over a decade ago stands out in my mind. In this study, a group of boys were being filmed without their knowledge, in a room while the television played a regular “family” program. The boys were standing around and talking, laughing, and having a good time. At one point, the show was switched to one that involved violence and played for a bit. Then it was shut off. Shortly afterwards a fight broke out. The yelling turned into physical fighting and things escalated to the point at which the researchers had to come in and break things up, for fear that someone was going to be seriously injured. The effect of just a short amount of exposure to violence surprised even the researchers.

PS3 Games Bundles

PS3 Games Bundles

If you are a parent who’s child likes to play video games on his PS3, you are likely to be concerned about the level of violence he is exposed to. While deciding on a “no PS3” rule might be too drastic a step for you to take, do consider calling the quits on violent games. Games have rating systems, so you might want to decide on a rating level that you are comfortable with and make that the house rule. But if you are going to be taking away games that your child already has, realize that you will need to replace them or it will just be seen as totally unfair. Make sure to go out and buy your child a PS3 game bundle that meets with both of your approvals.