Children’s Bedding by Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Transfer your love for Harley Davidson to your children even as they sleep! Harley Davidson has released a great line of bedding collection that suits your children’s bedrooms.

Let you boy’s bedroom show off with Harley Davidson’s Racing Flag Set, all ready to run with. This set comes with a comforter, covered with the black and white checkered flag with a Harley Davidson motorcycle set afire in blazing orange. The pillow cases are also in white and black check design; with an embedded cross and at the center, of course, is Harley’s distinct logo. The comforter is made up with a blend of cotton and polyester for that snug sleep.

Harley’s Davidson’s Tattoo Style for Children is also eye-catching. This design features famous tattoos from the iconic Harley Davidson’s logo shining in fiery orange. The whole set has a black background, with a touch of watermark in 3D to make the designs pop out in a very dramatic way. You could also purchase this classic set in with Basic Blaze Orange, a style accented with black; this includes pillowcases with the Harley Davidson logo.

Harley Davidson in Neon

Set that Rider heart in your child with the colorful Young Rider Bedding. Its black background is accented with vibrant blue, silver and orange; with images of Harley Davidson motorcycles and embellished with Harley Davidson logos. The blue adds a different aspect to the standard colors used for most of the bedding designs; its vibrant color appealing to every onlooker’s eyes.

The sheets on every bed sets are of 180 thread count and are made up of 60 % cotton and 40 % polyester, and these are ensured with durability that retains their comfort and appearance even after many washings.

The Heart Tattoo and the New Legends style of bedding are meant to accentuate and complement every type of kids’ bedroom. You can add curtains, valances, bed ruffles and rugs with coordinating image designs. There are also several styles of Harley Davidson Lamps to lighten up every night; and Harley Davidson Throw Pillows to further accentuate the bedroom.

In addition to Kids Beddings, there are other Harley Davidson bedroom products including a great line of products for your children’s bathroom. Give a new look to your kids’ bathroom with a fuel tank shaped toothbrush holder, or give their soap dish a spin with a touch of chrome wheel. For parents that are true blue Harley fans, creating original and unique bedrooms for your children with this bedding collection is a way to pass on the fun and adventure of a Harley Davidson experience.