Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies and Women

Affordable Car insurance is the “buzz word” in the present times; especially when sales of car are dwindling day by day due to recession and slowdown. Insurance companies are facing a tough time as new customers are very few and existing one are crossing over to the competitors. The only way out is to offer affordable car insurance schemes which are better and lucrative than others. In the present scenario the insurance companies are offering special car loans for the “fairer sex drivers” at very attractive prices.

Generally a woman driver is provided Car insurance at a premium much less as paid by a male driver for the same insurance policy. This is due to the fact that past studies and surveys exhibit that female driver are very cautious while driving and so their chances of their meeting with accidents are much less as compared to their male counterparts.

Going in accordance with the statistics and figure of most insurance companies it is proven that the number of insurance claims filed by women drivers is significantly less as compared to male drivers. One important factor that make them safe driver is that women do not drive while they are drunk and most of the accidents are due to drunken driving.

All these above noted statistics have led the insurance companies to offer customized insurance policies to female drivers at very cheap rates. Some of companies are going one step further to attract more and more female customers because it is all evident that it is safer to offer insurance policies to woman drivers. That is why some of the prominent companies of UK and USA are offering 24 Emergency services which allow the female driver to call an agency in case of accident. Some are offering to provide an alternative car for the time insured car needs repair.