Change Your Brain Change Your Life

Life is what we make of it. No matter what things are like we can always remake it. After all we are the ones that made it as it is. Your beliefs are the source of your actions.

The best way to create a better life is to start with you, or simply put:

Change your brain change your life.

In other words, look at the beliefs you have and change them in order to change your life. Common ones are

I’m not good enough as I am.
I’m not worthy.
I can’t do this.
Who do I think I am.

The next step would be to rewrite these thoughts and make them into something more positive. We hear all the time about using affirmations and theres good reason for it. There is even more power in using an affirmation directly opposing the negative beliefs in your own head.

Knowing the beliefs that are casting a shadow on your life and making you question who you are, your ability, and worthiness will help you to begin clearing them. Knowing that you are good enough as you are and that nothing that happens to you makes you who you are. You are the a wonderful, powerful, glorious individual worthy of the very best in life.

No one can change who you are, only you do that. We do that with our own perception. We have a bad experience and we then use that experience as the evidence that we are incomplete, incapable, etc. We project on ourself the very thing we don’t wish to see. So by discovering your hidden beliefs you can help to clear those things that are so bothersome and limiting.

Take a good inventory of your life and write down your beliefs. Next write down some positive beliefs to replace them with. In return this will help lead to more peace, joy, and fulfillment.