Elderly Friendly Mobile Phones

Do you know why most of the remaining personal landlines are registered to senior citizens, even as most people are ditching their landline connections? This is because; aged people are not comfortable with using mobile phones and prefer to stick to their trusted landline. Hopefully, elderly friendly mobile phones will change their perception.

A mobile phone is infinitely more useful than a landline, because it can be used anywhere, anytime and can fit in your pocket. So, if you have an aged relative living far away, you would surely worry less about them if they had a mobile phone.

After all, this would enable them to call for help quickly in case of an emergency. The worst possible accidents can happen if elderly people living alone cannot reach out for help on time. Specially designed mobiles can help a lot in this situation.

Some phones a have an emergency button which the user can hit in case there is a health or other emergency. This ‘panic button’ is designated to call up preprogrammed numbers which can then respond with help. Aged people are most susceptible to heart attacks and other sudden health hazards and this feature can actually save lives.

Cell phones for seniors also have very powerful speakers. These speakers are much louder than regular mobiles and if you listen to them, your ears may be in for a harsh experience!
But for elderly people who are often hard of hearing, this is an essential feature. Without a powerful speaker they may not hear the voice on the other end of the line properly.

Despite all the pluses of these phones, they find very few takers. Awareness about these specially designed products is quite low, because most ads promote regular phones and not these.
So the next time you are buying a phone for your senior relative, make sure to get one of the elderly friendly mobile phones.

Martin Elmer is the editor of Ældrevenlig mobil. Here you can also read about Mobil telefon til ældre.