Intriguing Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Your wedding centerpieces can make or break your big day. Your guests will remember your dress, your vows, your cake, and the strange looking things that were sitting on the table. Of course, they will also remember the uncle or aunt that had a little too much champagne…

To detract from your inappropriate relatives, you should use clever centerpieces. They add flavor to the room, keep table cloths from flying all over the place, and can fill up lulls in conversation during the dreaded 7-minute-silence.

Flowers are a standard centerpiece, and no wedding is complete without them, but you can compliment your flowers with accessories. Wedding balloons or feathers are good options. Tall, colorful feathers placed in clear glass vases are a good choice. You may also use tiny wispy feathers in big bunches, placed in a shallow bowl or saucer. In both cases, artificial feathers are preferable, to avoid irritating allergies and animal rights activists.

Candles are another good choice. Scented candles floating in bowls of colored water are romantic and can be quite soothing. They have the added benefit of keeping flies away. You can select candle shapes that follow your wedding theme, or that reflect your personality. For an added touch, you can pick colors, shapes and scents that are specific to your guests. The colored water should be edible – for the children’s sake.

Keep in mind that candles and feathers do not go with fans or breezes, so they are best placed in sheltered sections of the room. Also, use small candles to avoid creating fire hazards. Ideally, the height of the candle should not stretch more than two inches above the bowl or saucer it’s floating in.

Colored marbles make beautiful centerpieces. Arrange a handful of them in a shallow see-through bowl for an unusual effect. Combine marbles of different sizes and styles, and your guests will be staring at them for ages, especially during speeches. You should be warned that small, shiny things have a way of sneaking into people’s purses and pockets, especially when there are many of them. Your bowl of marbles may be down to three before anyone starts to feel guilty about pinching them. But even if you lose your marbles, they rank quite highly when it comes to great wedding centerpiece ideas.

Wedding Videography Tips: How To Save Your Perfect Day On Film

When money is tight, and you plan to have a friend or family member handle recording your wedding or reception rather than hiring a professional, there are plenty of worries that may be causing some apprehension about the process.  Luckily, these wedding videography tips can take away your fears and help the person, or people, who are handling the videographer duties feel comfortable.  Who knows – he or she might enjoy the process so much that a new career is inspired.

Get Examples – Watch wedding videos.  You can find them online, or you may have friends or family members who can lend you copies.  Make notes about what you like, and what you don’t.  Take notice of camera position, and look for things that might be distracting or even disastrous.

Let Friends Help – If you have more than one camera savvy friend or relative, consider assembling an entire camera crew.  Video can be taken from different angles, and with just a little editing know how, clips can be meshed together to create professional results.  At the reception, invite people to take their own videos.  If you can, provide each table with a camera or assign a camera person to each table.  This way, you can enjoy people’s commentary and reactions after the bustle is through.

Visit The Venues – Bring your video crew to the place where you’ll be married, and if you can, to the place where the reception will be held as well.  If you’re being married in a church, temple, synagogue or mosque, be sure to talk with the presiding official about proper etiquette.  Sometimes earnest videographers can cause a distraction during religious ceremonies, and if propriety is important to you, then be sure your plans will work with the ceremony.

Look at camera angles, and practice if you can.  If you’re holding a wedding rehearsal, see if your camera crew can come along and practice filming.  This could make a big difference to the final outcome.

The Big Day – Talk with your camera person or people about the things that are most important to you.  It’s pretty much a given that friends and family members who offer to help will do their very best to give you a wonderful finished product.  Relax, and be natural.  Worrying will not make life easier, or better.  Most of all, trust the person or people you’ve placed behind the camera.  No matter what, you’re sure to enjoy the results.  Enjoy your wedding, and remember you’ve got a lot to look forward to in life.  No matter what the outcome, it is certain to be memorable and special in its own way.

Wedding Rings – Gold or Silver?

Do wedding rings symbolize the fetters worn by captive women in medieval times? Or are they simply a token exchanged as a sign of good faith and friendship? Does the never – ending circle of wedding rings stand for the never – ending circle of love? Whatever theory you follow, it would appear they are here to stay.

Wedding rings have their roots deep in history and the tradition of wearing your wedding band on the fourth finger of your left hand is from a Greek fable. The fable says that that finger has an artery running directly to you heart and so wedding rings are “in touch” with your heart. Science, unromantically, tells us that this is not the case however the wedding band tradition lives on.

In modern Greece the bride receives a silver wedding band while her bridegroom receives a gold wedding band. The higher value of the grooms’ wedding rings is to mark his superiority as husband.

Whatever the fables, myths or legends that surround the use of wedding rings they are still very popular with those getting married today. Many people have rings made to either compliment or to match their engagement rings. So rings come in a huge variety of styles and colors to suit everybody.

You can choose from silver, gold, titanium, platinum, you can choose hand braided, small rings, large rings, engraved rings, designer rings and much, much more. You can even design you own rings which is wonderful way to celebrate your marriage. You and your partner can choose matching rings or complimentary wedding rings. Receiving these wedding rings are really special, unforgettable moments that you can basically keep forever! Rings are not simply for wedding ceremonies. When a partner gives you with a gift just like a ring it simply makes you feel unique.

Simple Wedding Dresses – Affordable Yet Classy

Due to practical reasons, prudent brides settle for simple wedding dresses. With a down economy, couples who plan to get married must be open to the idea of keeping the ceremony simple and solemn. Everyone knows for a fact that planning a wedding would entail a significant sum of money. However, you can cutback your expenses by organizing a small wedding celebration. Hence, choosing a simple white wedding dressand inviting only your close friends and relatives is something that you may want to consider.

The major selling point of simple wedding gowns is their competitive price. Unlike the ostentatious designer wedding gowns, a simple bridal gown is more appealing due to their affordability. Additionally, not everyone needs to wear flashy wedding gowns in order to feel like a true bride. Besides, a wedding is a celebration of the union of two people, and regardless of what you are wearing, this will always be the main point of the ceremony.

Opting for simple wedding dresses do not necessarily mean that you give less importance to one of the most important events in your life. And considering that you’ll only wear it for one day, you should really take time to think about how much you are planning to spend for your wedding dress. Instead of purchasing an expensive wedding gown, don’t you think it is more practical to go for simple wedding gown designs? Doing so will allow you to save more money to setup a new household.

Even though you opted for a simple bridal gown, it is still a must that you shop early so you’ll have plenty of time for fittings and alterations. Fortunately, these gowns are now widely available in both online and offline stores. You can either purchase a pre-made one or you can have it custom-made.

Just because you are wearing a simple dress, doesn’t mean you can’t look beautiful and feel special. Truthfully speaking, as long as you wear the dress with confidence, no matter how simple it is, you will certainly look stunning on your wedding!

Points To Consider When Choosing A Castle Wedding Venue

So you have decided to marry.  Congratulations!  The only problem now is when, how and most importantly, where to choose as your wedding venue.  How do you have the kind of wedding you have always dreamed of without a movie-star’s budget?

The stranger-than-fiction truth is that you don’t need an infinite supply of money to rent a castle for your wedding.  There are literally thousands of castles to choose from in the UK and Europe, ranging in ambience from the forbidden, impressive fortresses on cliff-tops overlooking the sea, to those in urban centers, where you could hop across the street for a reception at a fantastically chic bar.

The point is, before you decide to give up on your dream of being wed in an ancient castle, check out the host of options available to you first!  When looking, I suggest choosing as wide a range of locations as you can find within a flexible price range.  After that, you want to crunch some numbers and think about what you could sacrifice or benefit from when choosing certain locations, etc. until you come up with a few different distinct and precise possibilities.

Let’s say you really like the look of the fortress on the hill, and really want to have your ceremony there.  Consider where you could have the reception afterwards (if renting is expensive, you may want to move outside to save money).  If you look around and find some property nearby where you could rent some space for a couple of days, then… voila!  You have a conceivable plan, and after some inquiries as to pricing, you will have a plan and a price tag.  Do that for a few different sites, and add about 30% to your first estimates, and you have narrowed down your options.

The only thing left to do is choose your castle wedding venue, and that is possibly one of the best discussions a couple can look forward to.  Enjoy!

Creative Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers

Bride and groom wedding cake toppers are the traditional choice for a wedding cake, and still one of the most popular. Since your wedding cake is a focal point of the wedding reception, spend a little extra time and discover unique bride and groom wedding cake toppers that you can keep for display. Your topper doesn’t have to be stiff and boring; you can showcase your passion or humor without losing the romance of the occasion.

There is no shortage of wedding cake toppers online, and one of them is sure to fit with your wedding theme and your personality. Here are a few ideas to consider:

The Sports Minded Bride and Groom:
Name your sport, there is a bride and groom playing it on the topper for a wedding cake. Golf, hockey, baseball, fishing and the list goes on. If you are not able to find a bride and groom wedding cake topper with your sport, buy the simple bride and groom and add your own sports symbol.

Ethnic Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers:
These toppers come is a variety of skin tones. To represent the culture the two of you share, think about adding colored fabric or cultural symbols. Many already come dressed in traditional wedding attire worn by couples in cultures across the globe.

Exotic Cake Toppers:
These range from the passionately romantic bride with legs wrapped around the groom, to the glamorous curvy bride and handsome burly groom.

Humorous Wedding Cake Toppers:
A great wedding topper for your cake is one that will make you smile. Examples of humorous wedding cake toppers are the spy couple in their James bond movie poses, the groom kneeling victorious with the garter-less leg of the bride, and a hilarious topper of the bride dragging the groom off the cake by the ankle.

Most important, choose bride and groom wedding cake toppers that represents you both.

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