Makeup Vanity Tables For Your Teen

If you have a teenage daughter who cares a lot about her looks, then she has probably been clamoring for you to go out and buy her a make up vanity table.  She is actually asking for a legitimate thing, so you should consider how to get her one even if you are on a tight budget.

For a teenager, looks are a lot more than just a reflection of vanity.  A teenager needs to feel that she looks good in order to have a good, healthy self esteem, and without a vanity table this can be difficult at times.  If she has to put her makeup on and do her hair in the bathroom every day, then it might be in a very rushed setting and with poor lighting.  She might also find that other family members are constantly using her cosmetics or moving them around, and this can be very stressful for anybody.  Having a makeup vanity table in her bedroom can resolve these issues easily.

When shopping for a makeup vanity, make sure to get one with sufficient lighting and mirror area.  You may want to get a table top light or hang some light fixtures like wall sconces on either side of the mirror and above it.  You will also want to get a vanity that has a nice large mirror and perhaps a lighted magnifying mirror as well.

Make sure that your teen comes along and is the one to make the final call on which vanity to get, as long as the price is something you can afford.  She will be the one using it after all, and if it isn’t right for her she won’t be happy with what you get.  She will probably want something that will go well with the rest of the decor in her room.