Is The Music Of Heavy Metal Poisoning To Youth?

Is heavy metal poisoning? Heavy metal music, while attractive to adolescents, is not a good idea for your kids’ choice of music. Aside from the lyrical content of most heavy metal songs, the music itself has a profoundly poison effect on mental and emotional health. The energy of the music itself has a negative, depressing effect on the body’s nervous and acupuncture system. This results in a decrease of endorphins released by the pituitary gland.

In addition, the listener of heavy metal music feels tiredness, depression and other negative emotions  more often. Frequent listening to heavy metal music can result in desensitization to appropriate social settings, and result in anti-social behaviors or even in severe cases personality disorders.

heavy metal poisoning?

heavy metal poisoning?

Depending on the band and song in question, the music may even induce post-traumatic stress disorder. Remember the movie “Psycho”? Huge numbers of people were afraid to take showers for years after viewing the film. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is characterized by fearful flashbacks, which many people exhibited after viewing “Psycho”. Heavy metal music can have the same effect.

A more serious side effect of listening to heavy metal music is an actual decrease in available neuronal connections and patterns as a result of exposure to the music. This kind of music literally makes a listener less smart by the listening to it. Their IQ doesn’t change, of course, and academic performance may or may not remain constant but all the same their brains are affected very negatively by listening to heavy metal.

As said above the energy of the music itself has a negative effect on the body, to say nothing of its effect on the mind and emotions. With inhibition of endorphins, the potential for tremendous negative effects on the personality is present. Listening to heavy metal music can result in an increased propensity for negative behaviors and attitudes. Cruelty, scorn, and contempt for the weak can emerge along with disdain for education. Sometimes even suicidiality can result.

Heavy metal music is a warning sign and a dead giveaway that something is not quite right with your child. Seek professional help if the problem seems severe to you.


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A Pink Family Portrait for a Stylish Look

Pink has been putting out some of the most interesting music for some time now. This little pro skater chick gone rock and roll star has been an amazing story to follow and an intriguing look into her past life comes out in a song Pink Family Portrait she is still bringing the goods. With plenty of hard-hitting base lines and cool hooks if you have liked any of Pink’s earlier work you are most likely assured to love this one as well.

Pink Family Portrait takes a more personal approach to her work with this song and really talks about some problems she had as child. She has a perspective from a child in this track. Whereas most other music from this favorite artist does not show you an inch of “tenderness” or anything close to it, family portrait by Pink not only gives some perspective to her upbringing, but also maybe even makes you feel like she is not that tough person she has been acting like all along. Now you can see that there is a soft side to the tough, harsh and strong woman you have seen in her other songs. It is interesting to see the other side of Pink and at the same time, it would seem that she is giving her fans a peek into her own childhood.

Either way you like to think about the singer/songwriter called Pink one thing is for sure, she is a star! The music she has been putting out since around the turn of the century has been award winning and critically acclaimed more than once. So there is no doubt that she is now getting the recognitions and fame she has been on the search for her whole life. Of course fame is nothing new to Pink, she has been being featured in pro skateboard magazines since she was about fourteen years old, so being on the business end of a camera is surely where she is comfortable by now.

In the family portrait video pink has a young girl that plays her as a child and this is a really cool way to make the song set in with the viewer and also adds a touch of “art” to her work. The video is one of the fan favorites and Pink Family Portrait music has been re-mastered, remixed and released on more than one pink import album because of its continued popularity through the years.

Pink Family Portrait is a great song and video, so if you are an old or new fan of the pop diva Pink, you need to hear this one and probably about a hundred times. We know we did. It’s just one of those songs that grows on you and for some reason we have yet to figure out, it doesn’t get old. If you really want to take in this song, make sure to find the Pink Family Portrait lyrics and follow along! The timber of Pink’s voice is amazing and she shows it off in this cut.