The Story Behind the Nativity

The word “nativity” is often associated with Christmas. If you ask the kids about the meaning of Christmas, they will probably tell you that it is about giving and receiving gifts. Yes, gifts have already become part of the tradition but Nativity or the Nativity of Jesus is actually the birth of Jesus of Nazareth as stated in the Christian bible. Since the birth of Jesus is celebrated on Christmas Day, the nativity pictures and figurines are usually used for decorations.

There are a lot of ways to portray the nativity. During Christmas some churches make it a point to do a stage play and re-enact what happened before and during the birth of Jesus Christ. Some also tell the story to the little kids during Sunday schools at church so that they will know the real reason for the celebration of the special day. It usually starts in the part where Mary, the mother of Jesus, conceived after being told by an angel that she will be the vessel of the Savior. She was nicknamed as the Virgin Mary since she conceived without going through the normal processes.  After traveling from Nazareth, they reached Bethlehem. Mary gave birth to Jesus in a manger because there were no inns or homes that would accommodate them.

King Herod then asked three magis to search for the baby in order to offer gifts to him. He also told them to inform him if the baby is already located. As the magis traveled, each of them was warned about Herod’s real purpose by an angel in a dream. After they had found the baby they each presented their gifts and didn’t inform Herod. The rest, as they say, is history.

The static nativity scenes that are used for Christmas decoration are based on this story. The nativity scene depicts the story itself since a complete picture includes the 3 magis, the angel, Mary, Joseph, Jesus lying in a manger surrounded by farm animals. The Christians love to celebrate Christmas since it is the day when their Savior was born, and the people who used to be doomed because of their sins are saved due to Him.

How To Spend Time With Your Family Even If You Have To Work On Christmas Day

If you have to work on Christmas day, your family has no doubt already started complaining about you not being able to be there on that very special family day. You also know that selecting the appropriate Christmas toys for your children will require careful advanced planning.  You can pick another day that you are not working and tell your family beforehand that you are available on that particular day.  You can plan to have a great dinner out with them during that day, or an enjoyable time spent strolling at the park or shopping for Christmas.  Whatever your plans for the actual day, it must be something that can be shared with everyone in the family.

If your family can’t take a day off during the day you are not working, don’t worry because you can figure out another plan to be with them on Christmas day.  You should count the hours that you have to work on that particular day, and determine whether you are working on a night shift or a morning shift.  If you are working on a morning shift, you can plan to have dinner with them during the evening.  If you are working at night, you can spend the whole day with them.  You can even have an enjoyable feast together at home by preparing the dishes a few days before Christmas and keep them in your refrigerator.

If you feel that it is going to be very tiring if you have to prepare your own dishes for the actual day, you can even order food from a caterer.  They will deliver the food to your home and you only have to serve them on the dinner table.  Everybody can help you with the food serving, and this can be another way for you and your family members to get close to each other.  After the dinner is over, you can sit on your good old bench Ottoman while sharing stories and laughter with everybody else.

Go Trick or Treating with a Lady Bug Costume this Halloween

Getting a Lady Bug costume is the cutest way to start this Halloween. You get to wear red dress with black polka dots that is absolutely fab and stylish. It has 2 cute wings and an antenna that adds up to the cuteness of the costume.

One great thing about a Lady Bug costume is that you could enjoy your Halloween party with your comfortable outfit. Unlike other scary costumes, wearing a Lady Bug costume Ideas wouldn’t need you to wear thick make-ups and fake blood. That could be messy and would necessitate you to check on your make-up every now and then. Where’s the fun in that?

With a simple yet cute Lady Bug costume, there is no need of checking if your make-up is still there because it will just require you to wear light make-ups. The greatest worry you would have is if your antenna would be out of place. This could be solved though if you’ve bought a costume that comes with a good headband antenna.

Aside from the comfort a Lady Bug costume could bring, you could also wear it in different occasions. The costume is a versatile one that it would not look out of place in a costume birthday party. You could even wear it during school plays if you happen to be the Lady Bug in there. Besides, there are a lot of gatherings that are themed as costume parties. Such as bachelorette party, thanks giving party or Christmases.

You could be meek and docile, or wear your bug costume in a sexy flirty way. There are a lot of different lady bug costume types that you could find in the market. There is always a Lady Bug Costume for all ages, especially babies. Thus, be buggy this Halloween and with other occasions with a Lady Bug Costume!

Tips for Buying Santa Suits For The Holidays

There are a lot of times when Santa suits are appropriate to wear, but the holidays are particularly the time when they are worn the most. A lot of people think that they are only worn around Christmas time but there are other times when these suits are worn that you will want to think about, and you will also want to know where the best place to buy them is so that you will be able to get the best deal on the one that you want to wear. When you are looking for the suit you want to wear to dress up like Santa there are a few considerations to be made.

One thing that you will want to think about when you are looking for a suit Santa would wear is the time of year that you are purchasing it for. Some people not only dress up in these suits during the Christmas holidays but they also wear them during Halloween. There are a lot of men and women who like to wear these suits because of the appeal that they have for the crowd that they are in. There are female Santa Claus suits that will look a little different from the ones that men will wear, so if you are a woman make sure that you are purchasing the right one for yourself.

SinterklaasAnother reason that people dress up in these a Santa suite is for Christmas in July. There are a lot of retail stores that run promotions in July and they call it “Christmas in July” because of the deep discounts that are given in this summer month are similar to the ones that are given around Christmas. There are suits that will be cooler to wear during this time because of the hot climate that the suit will be worn in, so make sure that you find one that is appropriate for this time of year.

Of course, there is also the Christmas holiday when you will want to buy a plush Santa suit to wear if you are going to dress up like Santa to entertain a group of children. A plush suit will keep you warm and will ensure that you have an authentic Santa look when you are visiting with the kids that you are entertaining. When you are looking for one to buy make sure that you take a look around and find the one that is most appropriate for Christmas.

There are a lot of places that you can buy Santa Claus suits from for a great price. You can of course shop in your local costume shop or department store, but these are often not the places that have the best deals. You will be able to find the best deals by purchasing your suit from an online store that has a large selection and low prices. There are a lot of people who are shopping this way and are finding themselves taking advantage of some great deals.

When you are looking for Santa suits it is important to keep these tips in mind. By finding the suit that you want to wear for the occasion that you want to wear it for and knowing where to shop you will be able to buy a great looking suit to wear that will make you look just like Santa.

Dressing Your Child in a Ladybug Costume for Halloween

When you look around the Internet, you can see immense ladybug costume ideas for kids. However, they all have one thing in common. That is, the basic idea of choosing the red and black colors to complement the ladybug outfits. Thus, whatever ladybug design you will choose for your kid, you can be assured that they will look great in any of them. A ladybug costume is also easy to make at home. You only need a few essential materials to complete the outfit. Also, you can find great deals if you shop at online costume stores.

Whether you choose to have a home made Ladybug Costume for your child or a ready to wear complete Child Ladybug Costume set bought from an online store, here are a few basic items that you need to have.

~ LadyBug ~For the main outfit, you can choose leotards and tights, ballet tutus or a lovely top and pants. The order of the colors does not matter as long as both the red and black colors are present. You can choose red leotards and red tights, a red tutu with black tulle underskirt, red top and black pants. It would be nice if one of them is accentuated with red and black polka dots. Make sure that the colors are in exact shade for the whole outfit.

It is also important to include wings in your child ladybug outfit. Some department stores sell wings from the kids department. However, you can also buy at your special costume store near your locality or just order them through the internet. You can even make one yourself and ask your child to help you out so that she’ll be more thrilled to wear it. Red and black felt, glue and pipe cleaners are the essential items you need to make one.

Another thing is the ladybug antenna, which can also be bought at any costume stores or local department store near you. You can also create a home made ladybug antenna using 2 Styrofoam balls and paint them in black and put on red glitters all over it. Use pipe cleaners to attach them to a used plastic headband safe for kids.

See, you only need three basic items to complete a ladybug costume for your child. Remember, you can use additional accessories such as stockings, gloves and other red and black jewelries. A leaf designed as a pouch is another item to consider. Create a child ladybug costume for your kid now, and let them enjoy the spring on Halloween.

Enjoy Easter with Easter Bunny Cake

There are many types of symbols that represent the celebration of Easter.  This Christian festival is marked by popular items such as the Easter Bunny, eggs, the lamb, cross and white lilies.  The Easter Bunny is a favorite among children and adults alike.  The time of year reminds one of spring and the renewing of life. 

The bunny is one that many children love.  Many families create an Easter Bunny cake for everyone to enjoy.  To create one of these types of cakes out of several easter bunny cake ideas, one needs a little creativity and interest in baking. here are the directions for an easter bunny cake

Easter bunny cake

Easter bunny cake

To begin, a cook should assemble the necessary ingredients to make the bunny cake a delicious success.  The recipe will require one box of white cake mix, one cup of shredded or flaked coconut, one can or tub of white frosting, food coloring and jelly beans. 

Start by making the cake as the directions state on the box.  Bake in two round nine inch pans.  Follow baking directions for the mix.  Once baked, let cool for a few minutes in the pan and then remove onto cooling rack.  Let the cakes cool completely. 

Making the rabbit shape is not difficult.  Take one round cake and cut two ears out of it.  Cut one out of the top of the cake on the left side and then one over on the right side.  This will leave you with a section that resembles a bow tie.  Put the cake on a platter.  If you do not have a dish that will accommodate it, try a rectangular cookie sheet that is covered in foil. 

Frost the baked cake with the white icing.  Use the coconut to resemble bunny fur.  Cover the face and ears with it.  Take a few drops of red food coloring and make some pink coconut to put around the inside of the ears.  Use red licorice to make whiskers and jelly beans for its eyes and nose.  Another fun trick is to take some coconut and green food coloring to make grass.  Sprinkle around the bunny cake. 

Bunny cakes are a fun family project.  Make one for dessert after Easter dinner.  They are enjoyable, tasty and typically a hit by the young and old.  Use your creative talents and create a family tradition that goes beyond the traditional Easter Basket.

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