You Don’t Have To Categorize Your Parenting Style: Choose Organic Shampoo AND A Bumbo

New parents have so many choices to make: Vaccinate or not? Cloth or disposable diapers?  Organic or conventional?  Attachment parenting or non-attachment parenting?  The thing is, you don’t have to categorize yourselves.  Just because you choose organic cloth diapers doesn’t mean you have to choose all organic products.  Do what works for you and your baby.

Trust Your Instincts

It’s easy for parents to get lost in a sea of “expert” advice.  That’s why I’m here to tell you to trust your instincts first and foremost.  For example, if your instinct is to spend a bit more on organic shampoo, or organic clothing, but still use disposable diapers.  So be it.  You may absolutely hate the idea of the Bumbo Baby Sitter seat (a contraption that allows parents to be hands-free by holding their baby  “upright” before they are physically capable of sitting upright on their own).   Your instincts tell you, “My baby just looks uncomfortable in that thing…I can wait until they sit up on their own.”  But also, don’t feel hypocritical should you decide to use a walker at times for your baby, even though walkers are also theorized to actually delay babies’ ability to walk on their own.

Stand For What You Believe In

If you are unsure about vaccines, and your pediatrician is strong-arming you into following the typical vaccine schedule when you don’t feel comfortable about it, then it may be time to find a different pediatrician.  You need a doctor that will advise, of course.  But you also want them to make you comfortable and accommodate your needs and your baby’s needs.  Don’t give in to someone else just because they are an “authority.”  There are other authorities to choose from.

Process Info, But Make Your Decisions

I am not advocating just choosing things willy nilly.  I suggest you do some research on things, sit with it and process, and then listen to your heart to decide.    The idea here is that you are taking responsibility. You are not relying on someone else to choose for you.

Check Out The Flipside

You may find some information that tells you something, and you are convinced very quickly.  It’s a good idea to try to find the opposite argument to get some perspective.  For example, a lot of people will argue that organic is just too cost prohibitive, and doesn’t really make a difference.  Perhaps money is tight for you, so you take that argument and run with it.  But instead, perhaps you should ask, “Why might organic actually benefit my child and family?”  And you will find some answers (mainly, that it will remove more chemicals, pesticides and toxins from your baby’s contact, which has a long-term positive effect on their skin, immonological system and over-all health).

Change Your Mind If You Want To

It’s your prerogative to change course at any time.  No,  you probably don’t want to make it an overriding habit because it may be confusing for your child.  But you may use disposable diapers for a year and a half, and then decide that you don’t want to add any more of them to landfills.  So be it.  Change your mind.  If you go back to trusting your instincts, you will be confident enough to make these changes and all decisions.

Dr. Pangburn: An Expert Irving For Dentist For Even Minor Cavity Procedures

Conveniently located in Irving to serve Las Colinas and the DFW Metroplex, Dr. Pangburn provides a wide array of expert dental care for all family members with the most convenient options. Whether it is your first or hundredth visit, your care will be the finest in current dental procedure performed by a friendly expert looking to work with you in creating the brightest smile possible.  You will quickly know that you are dealing with the right people for the best possible care.

Dr. Pangburn’s extensive range and expertise makes visiting a dentist visit an enjoyable and rewarding experience. At the forefront of technological advances in nonsurgical procedures, Dr. Pangburn has all the skills and expertise to create brilliant smiles through minimal discomfort.  From minor cavity procedures to nonsurgical root canals, implants to veneers, a visit to Dr Pangburn will quickly dispel any dread of visiting a dentist. A warm and friendly staff will greet you as treasured friends looking to help you achieve a healthy and amazing smile.

Whether needing a set of new teeth or just care for current ones, Dr. Pangburn’s services will help craft a more confident and shining appearance.  The latest in dental technologies allows Dr. Pangburn to present easy options in providing lasting heath and wellbeing for you and your family.  The expert dental care and services you will receive at our Irving office provides lasting health and a stunning smile well into the future.

Your teeth are important, and the care you give them is an investment into your healthy future. In providing the best care for existing problems, and working to prevent potential issues, you are providing insurance for the future. This is why you should only choose the best of professionals to help provide the best smile possible. This is the care you receive at each visit to the offices of Dr. Pangburn, your cavity dentist Irving.

Tips for getting your kids to eat their vegetables

We all have memories of our mother’s saying it at least once, “Eat your vegetables.” How uncool we thought. But, when the tables are turned and we’re the parents, we find ourselves saying similar things. But, often it doesn’t work. Kids hide the vegetables or throw such a fit we give up and walk away from the table. Getting kids to eat their vegetables doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth, it just requires being firm and making a routine.
To get your children to eat their veggies, you might have to change your life up a bit. You’ll have to eat your veggies too! Children learn by watching their parents. If you eat up all your veggies and make sure to get 3 to 5 servings a day, your kids will think it’s the natural thing to do.
Starting early with a healthy diet for children, one that includes lots of vegetables is important. It’s what the child gets used to. It’s harder to break bad habits then to make a new good habit. So, start as early as possible.
Introduce many different types of vegetables to your child, not only is it good for them physically, but eventually they’ll find at least something they like.
Don’t let kids have the options of eating other things besides what the rest of the family is eating. If they eat everything else on their plate and are still hungry, don’t cave and let them fill up on something else that’s out of the ordinary. They’ll learn that they don’t always have to eat them.
Getting your kids to eat their vegetables means not wavering and sticking to a routine. This also means being consistent. Eat lots of vegetables yourself and introduce your children to many different kinds of vegetables. It’s okay if they don’t like one once in awhile. Don’t force them to eat every kind of vegetable if they can’t stand one or two but will eat many other kinds.

Quick Weight Loss Tips for Kids

Being overweight is normally a problem for grown-ups and young professionals. But then, this condition does not rely on age. It can happen to anyone, even to kids. This is why there is a need to know how to avoid it. Nevertheless, there are already weight loss tips for your kids that can definitely help in keeping their body healthy.

Traditional exercises are designed according to adults’ capacity and built. However, there are now quick weight loss tips which can be beneficial for children who need to lose some pounds. You might be hesitant to involve your kids into losing weight but think of the good things it can bring. Also, it is important that helping your kids to lose weight will be a fun experience for them. They should not feel that they are undergoing a strict training. Make exercise a fun activity for them. You can go jog, bike, and run and do other outdoor activities. Perhaps, you can do simple yet fun relays at the backyard with your neighbors to enjoy not only to enjoy the surrounding but to cut some pounds as well.

Staying outdoors can be a lot of fun. But unexpected circumstances like bad weather are inevitable. If something similar happens, there are other options you can go for like doing indoor routines. There are now DVDs available in the market about workout for kids. You can follow the instructions on the video with them. This will provide entertainment for the whole family, not to mention a healthy way to lose weight. On the other hand, you can dance to your favorite sound on the radio. Indeed, your kids will enjoy this.

These weight loss tips do not require a big portion of your time. You can do staggered routines 15-20 minutes once in a while so that your kids will not get tired of this. They will just feel like they are playing. Perhaps, you can enroll them to classes for dancing, gymnastics or other sports that they are fond of. Definitely, your kids are going to enjoy them.

These weight loss tips for kids are just very simple. In the end, you just have to remember that you will be their role model and show them how to lose weight by losing weight yourself. You just have to be patient with your kids. Find out what they enjoy best and develop them into a simple workout. With this, your kids will indeed feel like they are only playing not realizing that they are already working out. This will ensure that your kids are growing up well with no threat of any kinds of serious diseases.

The Effects of Depression on a Family

Depression is an illness that not only affects the individual, but also the family and friends in that person’s life. It can difficult to deal with or even be around a person who exhibits signs and symptoms of depression, especially when all you want to do is help and you feel like you are being pushed away. Understanding their crucial role in the diagnosis and recovery, and what they can do to help can be an invaluable asset for a loved one dealing with this illness.

The Family’s Role in Depression

Without their knowledge, a family can be part of the cause of depression in some people. When trying to cope with depression, a person can become very irritable, which can cause arguments and disturb the dynamic a family is comfortable with. They may also push people away, trying to ignore their problem. It is very important that friends and family members try to understand the signs of depression and not exacerbate the situation at hand.

What Families Should Know

• Depression can make it very hard for people to want to be around that person. This can contribute to making the person feel less than adequate and intensify their depression.
• Depression is a devastatingly self-sustaining illness. The symptoms of this condition make a person feel worse and worse, causing them to be more depressed. Herein lies a vicious cycle that can be difficult to break.
• Depressed people aren’t always fully in control of the way they act or their emotions. Friends and family should try not to take the things they say too personally.
• Pessimism can be contagious, so it is important for the people surrounding a depressed person to maintain a normal outlook on their own lives, in order to avoid bringing any unnecessary negative thoughts into the household.
• It can be emotionally taxing to deal with someone who is depressed, but it is important to understand that the illness is the inconvenience, not the person.

What Families Can Do

Families are a very important part of diagnosis and treatment with depression. They can recognize the signs better than anyone else, and can be an active part in helping to overcome the illness. Helping to remind a depression patient of doctor’s appointments and medication schedules can be very helpful. Most of all, being an emotional support for your loved one is crucial to recovery.

When a family understands and accepts the role they have in their loved one’s depression it can help in many ways. Also, helping a loved one through treatment with love and support can open up a few windows in the darkness they experience.

Posture Support For Back Problems

There are a lot of things you can do for posture support that will help with the back problems you have been having. Most of the time when people have pain in their backs it is because of poor posture. Sometimes the posture problem that a person has is due to a problem with a certain area of their body that needs to be corrected. Back problems make it hard to sleep good, sit for long periods of time, and enjoy everyday activities that you want to take part in. There are ways that you can correct your posture so that your back will start feeling better.

One thing that you can do for posture back support is exercises that will work on correcting your posture. There are a lot of different exercises that can be done to straighten out the problems that you are having. These exercises will also work to strengthen your back which will make it stronger and will allow it to feel better. Make sure to look up a few exercises that you feel comfortable doing so that you can start working out your back problems.

There is something called a posture support brace that you can wear if you have rounded shoulders. This brace has a look that reminds you of a sports bra that a woman would wear while working out or playing sports. When it is strapped on it places your shoulders in the correct position. After a while of wearing this brace for a while you will be able to put your shoulders in the right position and walk upright.

When you are wearing the back support posture brace there is no need to wear it all day long. You may experience some chaffing while you are wearing it, but that is a little reminder for you to sit up straight. You will only need to wear it for 30 minutes to an hour a few times each day in order for it to be effective.

Another great feature about a posture support back brace is the straps are adjustable. That means if you have really poor posture you will be able to adjust it to the point where the brace is firm, and then as your posture starts to improve you can tighten it up to gradually make improvements. Before you know it, your posture will be corrected and your back problems will be gone.

Any woman who is looking for a way to improve her posture should invest in a posture support bra that will help correct back problems. These types of bras are usually front hook ones that are comfortable to wear and will help you to keep your back straight so that your posture improves over time while wearing it. You are already going to be wearing a bra anyway, so you might as well wear one that is going to be beneficial. Once you find a method of posture support that you feel comfortable using you will notice that your back hurts less and you are able to start enjoying your life again.

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