Little People Wheelies Stand n Play Rampway – A Great Toy for Young Children

Toddlers, as everyone knows, can be hard to impress at the best of times. Finding a toy or plaything that they can enjoy without getting bored of in a few minutes takes a lot of detective work or luck to find. However, one of the magical toys that can hold toddlers’ attention with ease is the Little People Wheelies Stand n Play Rampway from Fisher Price. The Fisher Price company has a long and varied history of making toys, and the Rampway is already a big hit.

The Wheelies toys are Little People characters in cars, and these cars can be pushed down slopes for fun. With the Rampway, there are two curved ramps that the Wheelies can navigate. Both ramps are fun and go a different path, which makes the toy a little bit more exciting for kids.The two ramps also mean that more than one kid can play at the same time, so they can race each other down to the bottom. Our little one was happy to play on her own however.The toy looks very impressive with its red, blue and bright colors, and our child always spots it a mile off.

It is a big toy, of that there is no doubt, but it is easy to carry and is light enough to not be a danger when it is played with. As each Wheelies car goes down the ramp there is a noise and flash of light as it passed a gate. These noises really seem to catch children’s attention, for some reason they are fascinated by the sounds. It’s easy to make up straight out of the box and you should have it up and ready in no time at all. You can carry it around easily – there is a small carry handle at the top of this tall toy. You can buy more cars later on – they are very cheap to buy. You can get them in packs of two upwards.

I really recommend the Little People Rampway; it is a fun toy that certainly retains kids’ attention. For full detail on it you can read – Little People Wheelies Stand n Play Rampway.

The Pedal Go Cart

Pedal go karts are unquestionably one of the most popular toys out there for children. A pedal go cart is four wheel toy vehicle that has actual racer like chairs and pedal that are non slip for the younger generations. If you like you may also purchase karts that are chain driven with secure hand brakes.

Kids as early as three years old can easily operate pedal carts. These toys are said to help aid the physical growth and development of your kids motor skills. Pedal go carting provides good exercise and it is also a great outdoor activity where the family can all be involved. If you want your children to be interested in sports, go karts can be a good choice. You can motivate your kids to become sporty by simply starting with a pedal go cart.

Pedal go carts come in various shape and sizes depending on the age of the participant. Some karts are constructed with plastic material, making them light weight and easily to handle which is best for children. There is also a metal wielded go kart for more determined racers for toughness.

Instead of of children playing computer games all day and night in the house, get them out on some fun filled toy go carts. I think kids are relegated to staying in the home too much these days focused on the Wii or Xbox. They need to be out having fun with other children. So challenge your mates on a race and display your abilities as a go kart racer and see who the best racer in your neighborhood is. Absolutely nothing wrong with a little competition at a young age, it builds character.

Spend time with your family especially with your little ones. By using pedal go carts you can spend valuable bonding time with them and watch them development. Give them enjoyment and independence while they play with their cart and this way you are giving them their autonomy as well as developing talents and skills.

Buzz Lightyear Action Figures

Well I have to say that there are some seriously great Toy Story Buzz Lightyears on the market this year, they have really made some improvements and tried as hard as possible to make the Buzz Lightyears action figure as near a replica of the Buzz in the films as is possible. The licensing laws have been overcome and whereas the early Buzz Lightyears had differing voices from the film and did not or could not even look exactly the same and in the same styling of box as we all saw in the films. That however is all over and Buzz Lightyear as we all know and love him can be in your living room for you children to play with and love.

There are still different versions of Buzz on the market and some with rather different price tags but all are absolutely great toys. You can buy the talking Buzz dolls or go for the Ultimate Buzz Lightyear which is an all singing all dancing Buzz the likes of which have never been seen.

The Ultimate Buzz Lightyear may be more expensive but he can speak in both English and Spansih and can move around to explore his own environment with its autonomous roaming mode. He is programmable with a puppeteer feature that allows you to move him and coordinate his movements and record them, then after which he will play them back to you. Impressive stuff I say. Not only this but Buzz can shoot his laser, use his retractable helmet and his wings pop out, all just like the real Buzz Lightyear of the films.

So if you wondered whether you would like to have a little Buzz Lightyear at home for Christmas I hope this will have answered your thoughts. Buzz will keep the children and hopefully you amused for hours at a time. Let the kid’s children’s imagination run wild as they recreate scenes from Toy Story and make there own up.

Scooters Are The Best!

Who would have thought just a couple of years ago that the craze for kids scooters would be here and so strong. It really has happened kids love them and the freedom that they allow. I see so often schools yards filled up with scooters, all parked neatly in rows where once there would have been BMX’s or mountain bikes. The kids scooter has come a long way and there are varying designs now form the two wheeled variety, three wheel scooters and even four wheel scooters.

Kick scooters have been designed and now its longer just enough to simply ride from A to B but instead you need to be able to pull some pretty neat tricks. And its not just the kids that want o a go, there are toddler scooters and scooters designed for the older children to ones that can even support adults, much has the love for these toys grown.

If you can’t get enough of the scooter but have further to go then you can invest in an electric scooter that can take you as fast as 15 mph on a battery lasting 45 minutes. If you think about it that can be a daily commute, charge the battery on your Razor E300 electric scooter and tootle of to work, beating the rush hour traffic. Not bad in my book, you wouldn’t even need to pay for an MOT>

However with all of the scootering mayhem there is just one issue…helmet hair! I have to say that sometimes it can be off putting but we do all need to think about our safety and it really is a matter of safety, safety, safety and that for young or old. The brilliant thing is that multi sport safety helmets are designed these days with multiple air vents which mean less of the sweat and more of the cooling. Also, there are some extraordinarily good looking helmets out there. The art work is beyond cool on these helmets like the Giro Flak and the color ways too are impressive.

So go on, get your helmet, the scooter and be on your way whether its for the kiddies or yourself just get outside and have some fun.

Start a Family Game Night with a Combination Chess Checkers Backgammon Set

If you are looking for fun activities that the whole family can enjoy, consider investing in a combination chess checkers backgammon set. These versatile boards allow users to play three different games in one. Each of these games is appropriate for all ages, so any members of the family, from grandparents to children, can enjoy them together. Unlike other board games, which can quickly become tiresome, these classic games offer almost infinite variations, so there is little risk that your clan will be anxious to move on to something new. For those who are hoping to start a game night that will be enjoyable for the whole family, these boards are a great starting place.

These simple combination boards have been a popular toy for decades. Most are designed in such a way that chess and checkers may both be played on the board’s checkered surface. In order to switch from one game to another, one must only change out the game pieces. To access the backgammon playing surface, just open up the board and the game may be played inside. Often, the chess checkers area will be in the traditional black and white, while the backgammon board will feature colorful green, white and red. However, a few different color options do exist, so feel free to deviate from the norm.

For ease of storage, and to reduce the chances that pieces will be lost, seek out a board that has a built in storage compartment. This way, the game can be completely self-contained. By keeping it all in one place, it can easily be brought along on long car trips or vacations, ensuring that all will have something to do, even on rainy days. The rules of each game are simple enough that they may be played by anyone. As individual skill levels increase, you may want to start your own round robin tournament.

If these traditional games are not your style, or not the style of all in your family, mix it up at game night by adding more options to the fray. Girls, from toddlers to teens, love playing fashion games. Depending on the age groups for which they are indicated, they may involve anything from dressing up a princess in fabulous clothing to strategy games set in a mall. Boys still love some of the more traditional gaming choices, such as those involving hidden battleships and electronic operations. Adding any of these games to your closet will help improve your children’s imagination and encourage them to spend less time with online video games.

Parents who are hoping to build more bonding time into their family’s schedules should consider starting a regular game party that may be enjoyed by multiple generations of one family. By keeping both traditional games, like a chess checkers backgammon set, as well as new games more likely to appeal to a younger set, you can ensure that this event becomes something that family members of all ages will be looking forward to all week long.

Great Christmas Toys For Kids: The Plasmart Plasma Car

If you are shopping for toys in preparation for the coming festive season and you need to buy gifts for your children, then you are no doubt wondering which toys will present the best value. Too often we purchase Christmas toys for kids that our children quickly grow tired of and are discarded after the initial “buzz” of receiving the toy has passed. As you embark on our Christmas, it is helpful to have an idea in mind s to the kinds of toys that will hold their value, providing our children with the maximum replay value. While it is a simple matter to look at a top ten Christmas boys toys 2010 list on the internet. It helps to recognise the kinds of toys that keep cropping up, because they are timeless.

One example of a timeless gift that offers a superior level quality is the Plasma Car toy From Plasmart. The Plasmart Plasma Car, put simply, is a ride on toy car that generates momentum from human power alone. That is, it does not require batteries, or fuel cells. Forward motion is generated by the rider turning the car’s wheel in a back-and-forward motion and letting the forces of gravity, friction, centrifugal force and inertia do their magic. In other words, the Plasma Car has an inexhaustible power source, that never needs refueling. That power source is kid-power!
This revolutionary product is built from high quality plastic material that is designed to be durable and long-lasting. The vehicle is rated to handle a load of 220 lbs on a smooth surface and 120 lbs on an uneven surface, so it can easily accommodate an adult and young child who needs assistance.
Speeds of up to 2.8 meters per second can be achieved with the vehicle or 10 km/hours, giving young children a feel for riding a vehicle that is safe. Indeed the PlasmaCar could be used as a first-step before your child learns to ride a push-bike. The toy encourages a child to exercise out in the open too and the rotating of the steering wheel is great for upper body strength and endurance.
The Plasma car is the winner of many awards and has been around for a number of years, so is a proven and tested commodity. You can buy the plasma car through our website, which also features many other great Christmas toys for kids.

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