The Freeze Drying Process: Why Food Storage Meals Taste Gourmet

When many people think about food storage or freeze dried foods, they often assume that the food is dry and tasteless. However, today many top food storage companies are creating fantastically nutritious and delicious freeze dried meals. Believe it or not freeze dried food storage actually has a variety of gourmet meal options. Some families buy food storage meals and eat them on a daily basis because they offer nutritious great tasting meals that are quick and super easy to prepare.

The process of freeze drying greatly preserves the aroma, taste, texture, look, and vitamin richness of the original meals. Air drying actually damages food by shriveling it, changing the taste and texture, and depreciating the food’s original nutrients. With freeze drying, food storage meals are able to retain all of their original qualities once reconstituted. They’re freeze dried lightweight forms are suddenly and magically brought back to life just by adding water.

The freeze drying process uses dehydration to preserve perishable items. This can be anything from food to pharmaceuticals. Freeze drying removes about 98 percent of the water content from food which keeps it from spoiling. The food is easy to re-hydrate because during the freeze drying process tiny, microscopic pores are left on the food. The pores are created when ice crystals sublimate. The ice crystals are formed during the freeze drying process.

On top of being full of flavor and full of nutrients, food storage meals that have been freeze dried are great because they are easy to prepare, easy to store, and easy to transport. Many hikers use them because they are so simple to prepare and because they are lightweight which makes carrying food easy during long hikes. They are also used frequently after emergency situations and natural disasters when many other food sources have been wiped up.

Buying a Popcorn Machine For Your Family

A home popcorn machine is not made for commercial use. Advised as strictly for home use, most of these machines are smaller than the ones you see at the mall making it very convenient for storage when not in use. A great popcorn machine should be as good as commercial poppers though and they should be as sturdy and as durable as well. There are many of these machines being sold online but among all the brands available out there, which one should you choose? Choosing a home popcorn machine can be very difficult especially for the most discerning of buyers but once you focus on what you want in such a machine, you will be able to find just the right brand for you and your family.

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Some of popcorn machines made for home use are designed to look like the big popcorn machines seen in stores or supermarkets and they can look quite pretty as well. You can buy one at $35 but if you fancy a more elaborate-looking machine, you should have a budget of at least $70 to $80. You can choose from old fashioned machines to sleek ones that will easily blend in to your home’s décor. Make sure however that the machine you are buying is from a reputable brand and that it is made to last long. Such a machine makes a great addition to every home especially if  you have a game room or a home theater. This will save time from running to the kitchen and back to the game room just to have popcorn. Apart from that, it will be a great snack resource while you are watching a movie with the family.

Since there are many poppers available in the market these days, they come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and capacities. This means you can choose how many ounces your popcorn machine should make. If you have a small family you would only need a 4 ounce machine that can serve 92 batches of popcorn by the hour. If you would like something bigger than that, you can find bigger devices as well.

Make school lunches interesting and healthy

What can you put in school lunches to give to your children to take that is healthy and will actually get eaten? Feeding kids good wholesome food is not easy, because it takes time to prepare and they are often more interested in junk food anyway. Sugary drinks and treats are making our kids fat and unhealthy, and will cost them dearly in the future. Here are a few healthy ideas that you can try, for both young and old customers.

For a start look at the snacks you are buying. Most people automatically like to put those little bags of chips, crackers, or snack biscuits in lunches. They are quick and easy, but look at what is in them. Lots of sugar and salt, not to mention more harmful additives no doubt. Replace these snack packs with a little plastic Tupperware container or similar, filled with a selection of  toasted nuts, dried fruit and crackers. This is more sustaining, and still fun to nibble on.

Start adding fresh fruit if you are not doing so already. If they don’t eat the fruit you are giving them try cutting it up into slices or chunks and putting these in a container as fruit salad. Add   a little container of yogurt and you are talking very healthy indeed. Also try getting some tropical or other exotic fruit that is a special treat. Everyone loves mango and papaw, which is still a fresh fruit and still healthy.

Lastly stop giving those bottles of cordial and fruit juice concentrates. Even the one that claim to contain no sugar and lots of vitamins are really not very good. Try juicing fruit at home, either with an orange juicer or a different juicer machine. Kids can get involved helping to make juice to drink and to take to school, and you can buy a great user friendly orange juicer for as little as $50. These machines are usually non-electric, and instead rely on muscle power to crush the juice out – so you get a bit of a workout and a hit of vitamins! Bench top presses like this are easy to operate thanks to the big leverage you get, so you don’t have to be super strong. A good example is the Orange-X, which is reviewed as being easy enough for kids aged 6+ to use. Shop around – the net is generally where you find the best deals, by cutting out retail premiums.

Do You Own a French Fry Slicer or a Tomato Juicer?

If you own odd kitchen appliances like a French fry slicer or a tomato juicer, it probably means one of two things. You are either a very keen cook, who will make the most of every piece of equipment in your kitchen to make the best possible tasting and best presented dishes, or you are hopelessly addicted to buying gadgets you will never use. But if you own one of these items already and it is simply gathering dust, why not remind yourself why you bought it, get it out, brush it off and put it to work.

A tomato juicer will give your tomato based dishes a boost in flavor well beyond the level you might achieve with store bought prepared tomato paste from a can or jar. It means you can easily incorporate fresh tomatoes into sauces without the hassle of removing the skins and seeds and pulping them. You stick the tomatoes in the juicer and out pops the ready made paste full of flavor, color and vitamins, leaving the skin, seeds and stalks behind. It is so simple that you could get your kids to help. You have the satisfaction of knowing you are giving your family the best possible produce with maximum nutrients too.

With a French fry slicer, you can kiss goodbye to over salted tasteless oven fries. You can choose your own high quality potatoes and leave the skins on for maximum fiber and vitamins if you prefer, although many prefer to peel the potatoes first. With the slicer you can cut the fries all exactly the same size, either 49 thin fries or 25 thick ones from the larger potatoes. This means that you can present perfect looking fries and also that that they will all cook evenly and will be properly cooked, rather than some cooking faster than others and burning while others are underdone.

Disaster Preparation MREs – Why Every American Needs Them

Almost every morning as we wake up and turn the television on we are rocked by images of another natural disaster shaking our world. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, river flooding, these are becoming as common as the sun rising. The vast majority of Americans are woefully unprepared should the worst case scenario hit close to home. Don’t leave your family’s survival up to chance, invest in disaster preparation and stock up on food rations such as civilian MREs.

MRE’s (meals ready to eat) is a staple everybody should have on hand. The average emergency kit in a home consists of nothing more then a first aid kit, while this is an important part of an emergency kit, it is certainly not enough. The general rule of thumb is that you should have enough food on hand for you and every member of your household to survive for 72 hours on your own. We all rely on the government to save us when we’re in need, but the sad truth is that when the worst happens there just isn’t enough resources to get to everybody rapidly.

With an average shelf life of 3 years when stored at normal temperatures, around 70 degrees, these make the perfect solution should you need to leave in a hurry; or if you have to hunker down at home. MRE’s are a complete meal. Equipped with a main course, side dish, a cracker or bread, dessert, and drink powder. They also include utensils, and a heating system.

MRE’s are not just for disaster relief, they also make great choices when you are camping or hiking. The new breed of MRE’s have much greater variety and flavor. Additionally they have the added benefit of being readily available anytime you don’t have access to traditional cooking methods, such as a power outage.

Do not leave your family’s survival up to chance, you may say you have enough food for three days, but in a disaster your food will probably spoil. Buy MRE cases and bottled water and know that when you go to bed at night you can sleep easy knowing you are ready for anything.

Beware of Phony Green or Organic Products

This whole “green” movement as it’s being called is getting way out of hand. As many people predicted, major corporations are making a killing off of it. And the insane thing about it is that those who supposedly are behind the green movement and anti corporation involvement are the same ones helping the corporations make a killing!

When it comes to the green initiative, people are leaving common sense behind. At one time, they would read consumer reviews before running out and buying anything, green or otherwise.

Now with just the mention of the word “Green” or “Organic” on the label, they snatch it up without even thinking.

If they would only take a few minutes and educate their self about these products, they might not be so fast to buy them. Of course, when this whole movement started, many corporations were at the fore front of getting legislation passed both on the state and national level that would help them, not the consumers. Most consumers would be surprised to find out what kind of conditions that Chickens, Beef and Pork can live in and still be considered to be a Green product or labeled Organic.

In some states, there is little or no legislation at all. Nearly any product can be labeled Green or Organic. Even in some of the more legislated states, there are numerous loopholes that allow produce to be labeled Organic when it is being grown no different than mass grown produce. About the only difference is the cost to the consumer and the profit on the corporations spreadsheet!

If you really want to go Green or Organic, that’s great! But don’t simply put your head in the sand and blindly follow some of the people leading the charge. Why? Because many of them are nothing more than corporate employees paid to pose as concerned citizens.

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