Family Christmas Pictures

It’s that time of year again!  Christmas and the holidays are fast approaching and it’s time for fall family portraits.  But how many of you have actually had a holiday picture or card you have kept and looked at after the holidays?  Not simply because they were memories for your family, but because you thought that is a fantastic photo?  Probably not many of you.  Yet every sing year, families get together and pull teeth to get their portraits taken.  You might think practice would make perfect eventually, but you are wrong.  What you need is a new photographer.  Find a local photographer whose style you love, but also whose personality you like as well.  After all, he or she will be responsible for getting some great and unique images of your family for you to show off.  Why not try this photographer mesa az for some new ideas and pictures that will stand out amongst the masses.  This family photographer phoenix has some vivid and beautiful images that always seem to leave a lasting impression.  No matter what photographer you decide to go with, make sure they compliment your family so that you will have a great time!  Make it an experience to remember and a fun memory, rather than another task at hand or equivalent to going to the dentist.  When you have a good photographer, you will get images that truly depict you and your family and that will be cherished for generations to come.  While you’re at it, why not try and think of some goofy or unique ideas for your family holiday cards.  Make your friends and family laugh or smile when they open yours!  You want this year to be one to remember and to have others remembering it too.  Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourselves though.

Kids Indoor Garage Play Area

People are always looking for good garage ideas and ways to use that extra space. If you have a two car garage and only one car, that is a lot of space that is just sitting idle.

In the winter time with all the wet and cold weather, it can be difficult to find ways for kids to burn off their energy. Changing your garage into a playground/gym area is a way to bring outdoor activities inside. Creating a play area in the garage gives you versatility depending on the weather. You can keep the heat in by keeping the garage door closed and the lights on. Or, if you prefer a more natural experience, you can keep the garage doors open to let the natural sunlight and fresh air in while the children play.

As for the type of playground you would like, the sky is pretty much the limit with regards to playground/gym design ideas. You can have slides, a rock wall, swing sets, game rugs, bean bags, large soft blocks, and larger rubber rocks to climb on. With so many types of play equipment, there is sure to be one that fits your needs and budget.

No matter what items you choose for your garage play area, it is highly recommended that you install rubber or foam flooring to protect children when they fall. You can get a nice rubber flooring for your whole garage that will protect the children from hurting themselves when they fall and protect the floor from oil spills, snow, and water that your car brings in.

One thing you need to do if you are going to have children playing in the garage is to remove all dangerous objects or at least put them well out of reach. You should also make sure the playing surface is totally clean and doesn’t have any oil or chemicals on it. Make sure you clean the floor real well before you install the protective surface and then take care to maintain the surface and keep it clean. This is just one of the many garage ideas you can do to take advantage of the extra space you might have that is now being wasted.

Have Fun Choosing Sleepover Invitations

The best thing about having parties is organizing your sleepover invitations. This is where you get to put into detail, what the party is all about, what your guests need to bring, what you and your guests will be doing.

Sleepover invitations allow you to document the whole event so that you can cherish these wonderful memories as you look back in the future. They do not have to look that flashy or professional. Just be yourself and use up all creative juices you got to come up with your design.

Quite a number of materials can be used for your invitation including cards and different types of paper. Some papers great for doing arts and crafts include drawing papers, water color paper, print paper, visualizing paper, specialty paper, and oriental paper. It is not really necessary to use all types but just choose which of these you feel like using.

In creating your design, it is important for you to keep in mind or focus on the stuff you and your guests will be doing. For example, movies, games, makeovers, music or anything else you can think of. Make sure that the things you will be doing are integrated on the design of your work.

Other artistic ways you can do in creating your invite is to find clip arts or draw caricatures then cut them out in an innovative way and paste them onto your scrapbook invitations or if you are using your computer then that is a lot better.

If you are scrapbooking your work which would look really original and creative, make sure to use colorful pens or gel since they can make them more attractive. Use colors that will, of course, match your caricatures and clip art. You can create other design such as broken lines, polka dots, circles, curly lines, squiggly lines, and other shapes you can use to make your card look more attractive.

After which you can print your work or have them photocopied in color using a heavy paper or any type of paper you want. Making your own sleepover invitations is quite fun, exciting and easy!

Creating Fun Teambuilding Activities

Sometimes it can be hard to create a teambuilding activity, let alone create one that is fun and engaging. But it can be simple to turn your teambuilding game into a fun one with just these few additions. Before you know it you’ll have everyone in the office wanting to participate in your fun teambuilding activities and you’ll need a bigger conference room!

Add Some Competition
Nothing is more fun than competing against others at some sort of challenge, even if the only thing you’re winning is bragging rights. Try breaking up your group into smaller ones that all compete for the title of the best team ever (or at least until the next competitive teambuilding activity.)

Add Some Physical Activity
It’s easy to forget that you are at work when you’re playing limbo or throwing a beach ball around, don’t you think? So try adding in a fun physical activity that will get people moving, and also get them thinking more about the fun they are having working as a team than they are about the pile of work on their desk waiting for them to come back to it. Who knows, maybe the exercise will get everyone feeling more productive and more willing to work as a team when they DO get back to their desks!

Add Dynamics
Some things happen when you’re playing teambuilding activities that you don’t and can’t anticipate. If someone makes a good suggestion, or if something happens completely on accident and it changes the dynamic of the game in a good but unexpected game, then roll with it. Allow it to happen and change the game rules or structure to accommodate it. The fun part about fun teambuilding activities is that you hardly ever know exactly what is going to happen at every moment throughout the activity, and the more fun the game, the more things can change while you’re playing!

Entertaining Babysitting Activities For Kids

For babysitters, coming up with fun babysitting activities for kids becomes a hassle especially when you are a newbie in this field. You might end up letting the kids watch television or play video games as an easy way out but that is a big no-no. Instead, interact with them. Here are a few foolproof babysitting activities for kids that will make you look like a pro and make the kids ask for more:

Make forts – Make forts out of pillows, couch cushions, sheets or even cardboard boxes. You will be amazed by what they can create, plus it gives them a little hiding place that they can each call their own. You can also use these forts for story telling time.

Board Games – You might think making the kids play board games are a thing of the past. Think again. Board games can very fun for kids, as long as it is age appropriate. It can also become more exciting when you join in and play as well.  You’d be amazed how fast the time passes when you are equally involved in the fun.

Have a Picnic or Tea party – Make sandwiches, bring a cooler, grab a blanket and bring the kids out in the backyard. Make them bring toys or anything that they want to include in your picnic. Just be sure to get parents approval as far as what they are allowed to eat.

Role play – Kids enjoy role playing and they will definitely play their part. Act out their favorite scene in a book or make stories and act them out. Be creative with costumes as well. Use anything that you can find in the house. You can even help them present a small play for their parents to see. This will definitely bring a smile to a parent’s face.

Do not be afraid to be creative. Let out the child in you and just have fun. Letting them watch television is nothing compared to babysitting activities that will make the kids happy and satisfied. After word gets around get ready to raise your babysitting pay as you will more than likely become the most requested babysitter in town!

Kids And Butterfly Kits

Are you on the lookout for a live butterfly project or two for children? Maybe you’re a homeschooling parent who wants a science project that’s fun and can last for several weeks – even a whole summer. Or maybe you’ve just got a house full of kids and they need something to do!

Consider building them a live butterfly garden. It’s relatively simple in terms of the garden itself, loads of fun when those beautiful winged insects start showing up, and – if you’re feeling even a little timid, a lot of butterfly kits out there to help you through the process.

Butterfly gardening has gotten increasingly popular in recent years. And a lot its most devoted practitioners are pretty serious about it. They keep obsessive stats about what species of butterfly shows up at what time, and what the relationship is between high temperatures and increases in visitors.

That’s all well and good. In truth, butterflies face diminished resources, and the gardens that we make for them fill an important gap in terms of space to eat and breed.

But at the same time, it’s important not to lose the sense of wonder and fun that a live butterfly garden inevitably offers.

That’s where the kids come in.

You can let them help you plant the garden, for starters. Talk to hem about why certain plants are important and others are not. Butterflies needs lots of nectar to live, and they are attracted to flowers not by smell but by color. A vibrant garden with lots of stunningly bright flowers is perfect.

You can buy butterfly garden kits that will include all the seeds you need to get started on a small or modest-sized garden. That can take a lot of the pressure out of trying to figure out what to plant and where.

You can also purchase a live butterfly kit. From a kid’s perspective, what could be better than growing your own butterflies? Most of the kits on the market come with a butterfly habitat that can be set up on a table or hung from the wall or ceiling. They also include eggs and the necessary feeding supplies.

You can watch the butterflies go from tiny eggs to caterpillars to a chrysalis to a love winged insect over a period of weeks. And nothing beats letting a butterfly you raised on your own into a garden that you planted yourself. Talk about kids filled with pride!

Butterfly gardens can be fun and educational – that elusive combination that so many parents are aiming for. Kits – for the garden itself or for raising live butterflies – can take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of the equation.

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