How the Gyro Bowl Can Benefit Parents of Toddlers

If you have a toddler at home you most likely know how many spills happen every day at snack time or meal time. It’s a constant battle trying to keep the floors and tables clean when you have a persistent toddler who wants to hold their own snack bowls or feed themselves at meals. Well, now parents can rest a little bit easier since the invention of Gyro Bowl.

Gyro Bowl is a new kid-friendly product that was developed by parents who were tired of cleaning up food and messes after their young kids. They invented a bowl that is actually spill proof or pretty close to being completely spill proof. It was only recently released to the public and is becoming an instant hit with parents.

The way that the Gyro Bowl works is that it is has an inner bowl that spins 360 degrees around an outer ring with handles. When the bowl is tipped over any which way, the inner bowls spins and makes it so that food or other materials can’t come out the top. This means that your toddler can lug around their own snack bowl around the house or wherever you go and you don’t have to worry about a snack trail on the ground.

There are many benefits for parents who buy the Gyro Bowl. You can definitely cut down on the majority of spilled food in the house at meals and snack time. Your toddler can also feel more independent being able to carry around their own food and feed themselves. You can also cut down on the mess in the car as well as this bowl works well for snacks on the go in the car as well.

If you are a parent or grandparent of a toddler you know just how messy kids can be when eating. With the Gyro Bowl you can dramatically cut down on spills and let your kid has some fun with this cool looking bowl.

Walkie Talkie Headsets For Kids

When you hear the words walkie talkie headsets it usually brings to mind the image of children playing with their toys. There are some headsets made for kids but there are also lots of them made for grown-ups. These are often called two-way radios. They are utilized by people in professions that require a quick transfer of information. This sort of head set has headphones but also possesses a mouthpiece you can speak into.

The ones for adults give information through a central box but children’s have a traditional talkie box. Their headsets have one earpiece rather than a double one for grown-ups. This ear piece hooks firmly around their ear with the speaker close by so they have no problems receiving communications from their friends. Additionally it has a mouthpiece that curves forward so their speech can be transmitted to their buddies.

A child’s version is often designed so they can use the items without having to hold onto them. Kids are very active, especially when playing with others. Good headset walkie talkies will them communicate while running, riding their bike, or climbing a tree so they do not lose any valuable time. A hands free unit is safer for a child to play with when they are out running around. These products for children come in many different designs. Some will look like secret agent equipment that a spy would use and might be camouflaged to resemble something else. Others are brighter and have a more colorful appearance. Prices will differ based on the style, overall distance the product can function over, and how many headsets they come with. For younger children a simpler more durable product is a better choice. No matter what you choose, kids will love to play with these devices and will be kept busy for hours.

Teaching Kids the Value of Hard Work

                In today’s fast-paced digital age, numerous technologies compete for our children’s time and attention.  As if the demands of schoolwork weren’t enough.  Social networking sites, online gaming and the TV all seem to have conspired to distance our kids from us, entertaining them to the point of stupor and making them too lazy to spend quality time with the family at home.  Instead of settling down next to us on the patio and telling stories about their day, young people are too busy punching text messages and staring at the computer monitor.

                It is a far cry to the childhood I enjoyed.  Those were days spent biking around our neighbourhood, or playing hit the can with neighbourhood kids.  Every summer, my family always had a home improvement project. One year, my uncle who was really great with plumbing came to stay with us and helped install shower screens for our downstairs bath.  Another summer, we repainted our room lavender and pink, to make it look more grown-up for my sister and I.  Dad did the ceiling, Mom the walls, and we kids took chair of the baseboards and windows.  When it was all over, I felt so proud of myself, and psyched that at eleven, I did such a good job.

                When we were a bit older, we undertook building a really cool tree house for our garden.  That was the best project of all.  When I think of that summer, I remember waking up as early as seven in the morning very eager to begin working, even though it was summer and we were allowed to sleep in. Then the day would pass by like nothing at all, since the work kept me occupied and unaware of the hours.  On rest breaks, we would survey what we have finished so far, proud of the progress and giddily anticipating what it would look like when completed.  After dinner, I would fall down into my bed, tired in such a good way.  I would be asleep within minutes.  Early next morning, I’d wake up feeling glad about the world and raring to go again.

                When i see kids today wasting their summers by staying inside and developing carpal tunnel syndrome with their game sets, I couldn’t help but feel that they are missing out on such profound experiences that build character.  With so much of experiences occurring on a virtual or abstract level, the solid and tangible things tend to fall by the wayside.  Children could benefit so much from learning what they could accomplish, if only responsible adults would teach them how.

Romantic Evening Tips

Do you remember those years before you had your first child and could go out to fancy restaurants and spend your weekends doing whatever you could possibly want to do? Current economic problems mean that this might not be as much of an option nowadays, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take a few hours from your week to enjoy a thoughtful, romantic dinner with your loving spouse. Here are a few tips on how to easily create the perfect dinner for yourself and your partner right at home.

  • First off, you should have the kids finish dinner early and have them go to bed or give them something to do so they won’t be a distraction for you all. If the kids are still babies or toddlers, it might just be safer for you to put them to bed so you won’t have to get up from your dinner to check up on them.
  • Making the perfect dinner won’t require too many complicated steps. You can purchase a few mini-sized quiches form your local store and bake them in the oven as the perfect, classy appetizer for the dinner. You can use a gourmet soup as your first course and put on a few herbs and some sour cream to give it a home style feel to it.
  • For the main course, you can always get it prepared before the actual dinner happens. A great simple choice would be chicken or salmon. You can just put it into a baking dish and put on your favorite marinade and then leave it in the refrigerator to soak up the juices overnight. Then the next day you can just put it in the over, grab some artisan breads or rice and serve them!
  • Dessert can be store bought cheesecake or a simple chocolate dipped strawberry for your spouse! The best part about it is that most of these can be made well in advance so it’s less hectic on the night of your romantic dinner.
  • You should also set up the table with your best china and the best red wine glasses you can find, along with some candles and cloth napkins. Since the kids aren’t around, it’s the best time to sneak out those gifts you got for your wedding!
  • You should also take time out of your day to look amazing by getting your hair in order, maybe taking a shower too. It’s definitely going to be appreciated by your spouse.
  • Now you should dim the lights and light up the candles. Turn on some romantic music in the background. Now you can fill up two champagne flutes with your favorite bubbly and just sit back and enjoy your romantic night together.

Just because you have to stay in for the day, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time with your spouse. Who knows, it might become a regular thing!

Avatar The Last Airbender A show the entire family can enjoy!

If you have a child that is a fan of animated cartoons, you may want to obtain a few avatar episodes for them to watch. This is a popular cartoon that millions of children have enjoyed over the past few years. The reason for this is simple, they love beautiful animation and the characters on this show are very detailed. Chinese animation is used on this show and this helps to strengthen the personalities of the main characters. Aang is a child that has the ability to use elements in order to maintain peace and try to overcome evil. What makes this important to children is that they are learning what is right and wrong. They learn that struggles and setbacks will occur and you must fight through them in order to be successful. If this sounds like an interesting show you may want to watch the avatar the last airbender episodes now.

The ratings for this show were some of the highest ever recorded for a cartoon and this shows that adults love this show also. This is a safe show that you will be able to watch along with your child and explain to them the themes in the show. The Airbender is essentially about Aang doing the best he can with the powers that he discovers. Children will enjoy the evolution of the show and the seasons progress with different themes. Each season focuses on a different element and this helps to add an excitement to the show. The avatar episodes are available online now for a discount and it would be a great idea to give these as a gift. If you have been looking for the right thing to give any child as a birthday present, consider these and they will enjoy them. Because the cartoon is intended to inspire thinking and creativity it is something that children within a wide age range will enjoy. This cartoon is done in a way that incorporates a Chinese fighting style so that children are able to cheer for the heroes to be successful. Everything is animated in beautiful color and the details add to the theme of the show. The avatar episodes are a great idea for anyone that has ever watched an animated series and enjoyed themselves. However, if you have never watched one you will find that the artistic approach and detailed story will keep you having a great time.

The Best Online Worlds for Tweens

The internet has come a long way in the past 30 years. Originally it was intended to be a tool for the United States military to quickly transfer information. As the technology  developed, it started to enter the consumer market. Since then the average age of internet users has become younger than ever, with even kids in the tween years beginning to regularly use Facebook and set up their own accounts in order to use online avatar games.  Instead of trying to prevent their use of the internet, allowing your tween controlled use of the internet can help them to learn how to safely use a computer.

3D avatar games are a favorite among tweens because they get to control a character that looks (to their minds) just like them, giving them an attachment to the character and letting them have fun without the dangers that are associated with unrestricted access to the internet. However, not all online worlds are created equal, and you should be careful about which one you allow your tween to explore.


IMVU is all about getting your tween child to socialize. The many chat rooms that are located inside this virtual 3D environment give your tween the chance to safely explore a world without fear of online predators or the dangesr that come with allowing them to explore the real world.  With IMVu your tween can hang out with his existing friends or explore the world and meet new friends  that share some of his interests. With IMVU, there is always somewhere new to go or someone new to meet.

Blue Mars

Blue Mars is a newer online world that attempts to use the latest video game technology in order to bring the most realistic graphics possible into the 3D world. Although this sounds like a good goal, the reality is that it takes a very powerful computer in order to smoothly run the game, making game play frustrating and difficult to enjoy.

Meet Me

Meet Me is a brand new Japanese world that caters towards the young teen and tween demographics. Although there are a lot of promises being made with this world, it is currently too small to be exciting for very long. Your tween may enjoy the time they spend exploring the world, but far too often this exploration will be limited by the lack of new places and people  to see and meet.

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