Ways To Change Your Life

How many times have you tried to improve your life and been unable to make any lasting changes? You move, quit your job, promise not to do something again, start a new activity/habit, and for some reason it just doesn’t last. With this little guide you will gain a good understanding of those things that are standing in your way of success.

You can change your life forever by changing your beliefs. Have you ever thought your not good enough for something? How do you feel about being able to sing? How about dancing? Playing an instrument? Buying a home? Getting that gorgeous guy/girl? Those thoughts you are having are called limiting beliefs. They are not the truth, they are the view you have accepted because of something that happened.

These beliefs can be changed by rewriting them into a more positive saying. Repeating this saying on a daily basis will overwrite the previous one. Two of my favorite sayings are:

I am good enough as I am.

This is probably the most important one I have ever read or written. In some manner or another we believe we are not good enough, so this helps to turn that around. You have everything necessary to have a great life.

I am doing the best I can.

We all are doing the best we can. Telling yourself this will help you to forgive yourself for things not being the way you think they should be. There is no reason to hate on yourself for what has not come to pass. In fact it may be a blessing that you didn’t get the guy or girl, job, or whatever else you thought you should have. Look at your life as it is and give thanks for what you do have. The mind to be able to take action and ways to change your life.

Change Your Brain Change Your Life

Life is what we make of it. No matter what things are like we can always remake it. After all we are the ones that made it as it is. Your beliefs are the source of your actions.

The best way to create a better life is to start with you, or simply put:

Change your brain change your life.

In other words, look at the beliefs you have and change them in order to change your life. Common ones are

I’m not good enough as I am.
I’m not worthy.
I can’t do this.
Who do I think I am.

The next step would be to rewrite these thoughts and make them into something more positive. We hear all the time about using affirmations and theres good reason for it. There is even more power in using an affirmation directly opposing the negative beliefs in your own head.

Knowing the beliefs that are casting a shadow on your life and making you question who you are, your ability, and worthiness will help you to begin clearing them. Knowing that you are good enough as you are and that nothing that happens to you makes you who you are. You are the a wonderful, powerful, glorious individual worthy of the very best in life.

No one can change who you are, only you do that. We do that with our own perception. We have a bad experience and we then use that experience as the evidence that we are incomplete, incapable, etc. We project on ourself the very thing we don’t wish to see. So by discovering your hidden beliefs you can help to clear those things that are so bothersome and limiting.

Take a good inventory of your life and write down your beliefs. Next write down some positive beliefs to replace them with. In return this will help lead to more peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Learning Basic Math Facts Doesn’t Have to be Boring and Painful

Memorizing basic math facts isn’t always fun.  We’ve all done it, and our children will have to do it too to be successful at math.  Although some schools no longer focus on memorization, it seems necessary and something that many parents end up doing with their child at home to give them an extra boost at school.  But, for busy parents who are already inundated by homework and spelling tests, and running their children from one sport to another, there has to be an easy way to teach this skill.

Parents have to set aside a few minutes a day, even if it’s only 10 minutes, to help their child learn their basic math facts.  Luckily, there are many options available from simple games to having children help with cooking to playing games or practicing online. 

One great way to help your kids learn is to give them visual help.  With the use of pennies from a jar, you can show them what two times two looks like, for example.  Setting the oven timer for ten minutes helps your child get used to practicing for ten minutes at a time and helps them focus.  They won’t have to keep asking you if you are done yet either! 

Another way to practice basic math facts is while driving to or from school each day.  Take a stack of index cards and write multiplication, division, subtraction or addition questions on each card depending on what your child is studying.  Place them in groups of ten with a rubber band and change them so that they have ten problems a day, five days a week.  This allows them to practice fifty math questions a week.  Slow and steady wins the race.

There are literally thousands of web sites devoted to math.  Find a few good ones and bookmark them for your child.  Make it part of their nightly study routine to do at least a set of math problems.  Many children love playing on the computer, so it’s easier to get them to practice math online.  Fun games or simple timed tests can help your child become a math wiz in no time.

Beach Accessories for a Day of Science at the Beach

On your next trip to the beach with your kids, mix things up bigtime by adding a dash of scientific exploration into your day. Take the opportunity to teach your kids about science while enjoying an afternoon at the beach by packing your beach bags with beach accessories fit for a would be future marine biologist.

As parents not only does this make going outdoors more enticing for your kids, but it also helps them stay ahead at school. Especially now that more and more  learning institutions are including a time outside the classroom into their curriculum. This is because many studies have proven that children who spend more time outdoors actually have a faster learning curve than kids who spend their time mostly indoors.

Every kid has an innate sense of wonder about the world and as parents we should encourage our kids to explore the world around them and what better way than a science filled afternoon at the beach.

Here are some beach accessories you’ll need to put together a science kit for your budding marine explorer.

Drawstring Beach Bags. Using a drawstring beach bag instead of other types of beach bags is perfect for an activity like this because it allows your kids full use of their hands to pick up shells or list down their seashore finds.

Water. This is an essential, not just for a day at the beach but for everyday activities as well. Having water in their beach bags not only keep your kids hydrated, but also to keep their mind sharp as drinking water has been regarded by many research to improve ones ability to focus.

Sunblock. As advised by The Skin Cancer Foundation, wear SPF 50 or higher when spending prolonged time under the sun. Also teach your kids the proper way of applying sunscreen for maximum protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

A notebook and pen. What is an exploration if there’s no data? Put a notebook and a pen in their beach bags to serve as a log of all the animals and plants they’ve seen at the beach. You can also include a small box of crayons so they draw what they’ve seen. After a day of exploration you can all look at the data you’ve gathered over a nice beach picnic.

A small trash bag. In an activity like this you are not just teaching your kids about science but also about caring for the environment. Give them each a small trash bag where they can throw in some of the trash they see at the beach. This teaches your kids to be responsible about the things they do when outdoors.

If you want to learn more about beach bags, beach accessories and other beach activities do check out http://qualitybeachbags.com.

Getting the Best Microscope for Kids

Buying a microscope for your kids is a great way to get them interested in science and the world around them. It’s been shown that kids who are introduced to science at home have a much better time in school with math and sciences and they are better equipped to handle daily challenges that they face. It’s also important to find a good microscope for their age so that they are engaged, but not overwhelmed or bored too quickly. If you’re thinking about buying a microscope for kids, you’ll want to check out the following advice.

The first thing you’ll want to look for is the power or magnification options that the microscope has. Most microscope nowadays have at least two (a low power and a high power) that will cover everything from large items such as hair and skin and bugs, to microscopic items such as microorganisms. Even though most microscopes are fairly inexpensive these days, you can get more value from it if you purchase a whole microscope kit. The best microscope kit for kids will have 20 or more prepared slides that provide a convenient way to expose the children to a variety of microscopic objects. They range from different types of cells, to different animal hairs, to plant spores and more. This variety is better than you would be able to get from one location and since it is already prepared, it’s less work you have to do and more time you can spend with them.

Another great option that is a perfect introduction to technology is to get a cheap USB microscope. These are digital microscopes that can be plugged into just about any computer and with the supplied software you can examine all sorts microscopic stuff. The computer can control the zoom and focus and some microscopes allow you to take pictures and movies so you can document and compare different objects or the same objects over time.

Family Fireplace Safety

There is nothing like sitting in front of a warm fire on a chilly winter evening. It’s a great place for couples to relax or for the whole family to gather and spend some quality time together. Although fireplaces are great to have, the fun can quickly turn into tragedy if the proper care and precautions are not taken. Therefore, you should take note of the following advice to keep your fireplace safe.

First, it isn’t a good idea to install your own fireplace. You should enlist the help of a certified contractor to fit your fireplace for you because this can be easy to mess up if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even the tiniest error installing your chimney lining now could lead to devastating results further on down the line. Keep in mind that if you do mess something up yourself, your insurance probably won’t cover the resulting damage.

It is also important to consider the safety of your children regarding your fireplace. If small kids live in your house, a fireplace safety gate is a must-have to prevent your child from entering the area or getting close to the fire. Even when a fireplace isn’t lit, it is still very dangerous for children to play nearby. Look for gates constructed from heavy material like iron or steel that is more difficult for kids to push out of the way.

If you have older children living in your house, it’s a good idea to talk to them about how dangerous it can be to play near the fire and what can happen if they disobey these rules. It is important for them to know that the fireplace is not for playing and that serious consequences can occur from its misuse. You should also be careful where you keep your fireplace tools like sharp chimney sweep brushes and shovels. Watch out for unfinished brick mantels that can cause scrapes and abrasions if children brush against them so install padding if necessary.

It is also a good idea to have the internal structure of your fireplace inspected occasionally to find any potential problems like holes or leaks. These are problems that require immediate attention and professional repair so take the advice of your inspector seriously. You should also pay attention to the area outside of your fireplace. Look out for tall trees that can grow over top of the chimney opening and make sure they remain trimmed so as to not cause a dangerous obstruction.

You can relax and enjoy your fireplace once you know that you have done everything you can to make it safe for you and your family.

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