Give Your Pirate Birthday Invitations The Right Feel

Pirate themed birthday parties are very popular today, no doubt, credit to Johnny Depp and co. people of every age from 6 to 60 love becoming pirates for a day. If you are considering a pirate theme for your child’s birthday party, you must consider sending out pirate birthday invitations that give them the feel of the theme in advance and gets the other kids excited.

It would be great if you can send a pirate scroll instead of a birthday party invitation. Let us see how you can make your invitation look like it was sent from a real pirate. You actually don’t need any unique equipment for this. Just normal art paper or plain paper and … wait for it… an oven. I’ll tell you why you need that in a short while, be patient.

First of all write out the invitation in style. Use only the pirate lingo. If you don’t know what that is, maybe watch the Pirates of Caribbean again. The language will help highlight the theme of the party. Also use fonts which look like they have been written by real pirates. MS Gothic or Bookman are suitable fonts for this purpose.

Now print out as many invitations as you want to. One by one, back each of the papers in an oven for some time. Let them become brown. Some parts should be browner than others. This trick makes the paper look old with broken parts in the corner and all. Once that is done, tear some parts of the border of the paper indicating that it is worn over the years.

That, my friends, is what a true pirate birthday invitation looks like. If you have other ideas such as buying a paper that looks like one from the pirates, that is fine, but who doesn’t like a homegrown idea?

Choosing Gifts for the Mature Person’s Birthday

People try to choose gifts for a person’s birthday based on how old they are. There are a few milestone birthdays that people simply must celebrate in a big way. Among the milestone events are often the fortieth and fiftieth birthdays. These mark the passing of time for the person and are often celebrated in a lighthearted manner with family and friends. If you are looking for 50th birthday gifts that will be humorous there are any number of gag items you can use with the classic gag gift being a plastic walker.

If you are looking for a present that has a little more quality to it you can choose items that have the year of the person’s birth on them. These interesting items will be created from products that were available during the year the person was born in. For example, you can buy a small booklet that is filled with bits of information associated with that particular year such as news events, advertisements and even grocery and gas prices. There are also reproduction pieces of coins for specific years that are used in creating key chains or jewelry items.

For those people that are very close to you, giving a vacation trip as a gift is always appreciated at this stage of a person’s life. Often people in their fifties are beginning to slow down and relax life more so even a free trip to a day spa would be a good gift. For the sports enthusiast a free game of golf also makes a nice gift for a person turning fifty. You will find a lot of good ideas for gifts by searching the Internet. There are a lot of novelty gag items available online you might not find at your local department store.

The gifts for people turning fifty are a lot different than the gifts associated with new babies. You can find a number of good ideas for a baptism gift for the parents of a baby by searching online as well. These are usually gifts created as sentimental items to preserve the special occasion. There are a number of plaques designed to be engraved items with the name of the child and the date of the event inscribed on them. There are also a lot of items that use a cross as the traditional religious symbol for the special baptismal item. A specially created book or engraved cross will become a keepsake for both the child and the parents to treasure for a lifetime.

40th Birthday Ideas: Throw A Party To Remember

A lot can change with every passing decade and in ten years when you look back you’ll realize the only thing that you have is the memories you made. Turning forty is different than any other birthday. On their fortieth birthday, people are very sensitive to the aging factor since they are now considered “over the hill.” Since the average span of a persons life is eighty years, at forty we cross over to the second half of life. It’s a must that this day be memorable for everyone involved. This day is so important, you must do your best to make it a great memory. Like the bachelor or bachelorette party says goodbye to single life, the 40th birthday party is a person saying goodbye to youth. This day must be one that lasts forever, so you must use the very best party ideas.

A toast is a regular practice on the 40th birthday. A best friend or relative should take this opportunity to show off their sense of humor. It really shouldn’t be something has had a lot of thought put into it. The best toasts are given in the moment without much thought or planning involved and by a person with a lot of emotion. The most important thing is to keep it light and have fun. Humor is the best theme for a toast.

If you are planning on a budget, the traditional birthday theme will do just fine. Turning forty balloons are a great decoration, along with the basic birthday theme cake. These decorations do not cost much. Focus on the fun aspects of the party and making them as good as they can be. The success of the party is based on the amount of fun the people involved have.

If you are on more of a flexible type budget, you will enhance the party by spending a little extra on decorations and improving atmosphere. This is where you can choose the option of throwing a themed party. This will cost more money but will ad to the fun of the evening. This should be fit to the tastes of the birthday person. For 40th birthday ideas, casino and the Beatles are two very popular themes. One of the most fun things you can do is make it a roast, and ensure the night is remembered forever.

Whatever theme you go with, the most important thing is that the guest of honor’s loved ones are there and enjoying the celebration. Remember though, you can only make the party fun, you cannot make each person have fun.

Make your Daughter’s Birthday Unforgettable with Attractive Barbie Party Favors

Your daughter’s birthday is indeed special and deserves to be a memorable event. Why not add some fun and excitement to the celebration by giving away Barbie party favors? The attractive and colorful favors will delight the children to no end, and also serve as great souvenirs of the party.

Pretty stickers and tattoos make for awesome Barbie birthday party favors. Glittery and bright, they will delight the little girls. They can share them, exchange them and show them off to other kids. Kids love pasting Barbie stickers onto bags, books and toys. The tattoos are harmless to skin and can be easily washed off.

Barbie princess party favors bring out the best of Barbie in her princess attire. The ribbons and glitter will capture every little girl’s heart. You could add a few glitter pens, rulers, pencils among other small school supplies for more options as kids birthday favors. Cherish every moment of the birthday celebration with Barbie princess party favors.

Barbie tiaras and finger rings are excellent choices for party favors. Wearing them will make the kids feel like princesses. Show them that they really are special and let them have the time of their lives with the pretty Princess Barbie party favors.

Activity pads and coloring pads are cool things to use as party favors. Puzzles and coloring games will keep children excited and occupied for a long time. Throw in some Barbie accessories and clothing in the favor bags to make them all the more interesting. The kids will enjoy dressing their favorite Barbie in the new dresses and accessories.

Wonderful Barbie party favors can promise to bring out the appeal and magic of Barbie. A Barbie themed party can be fun to plan. Getting the cake and decorations to match is no big deal. You can put together some favor bags as well. Decorate the entire venue in the Barbie theme with related decorations to create a magical world.

How to Make a Tiered Birthday Cake for Your Child

If you have the right implements in the house, making a 2 tier cake for your child’s birthday cake shouldn’t be difficult. The guide below assumes that the cakes you are going to arrange in layers have been baked and covered with icing.

Cake cardboard circles and plastic dowels – home made stands
The dowels are for supporting the lower tier of the cake. They should be cut in lengths equal to the height of the cake. You also need one larger and one smaller cardboard circle.

  1. Place the bottom cake in center of the larger cardboard circle on the cake drum.
  2. Place the smaller cardboard circle on top of the first cake in exact center and in such a way as to leave its mark on the icing.
  3. Lift the cardboard off and mark four corners of a square within the outline it produced on the first cake.
  4. Place 4 dowels into the points you marked.
  5. Replace the smaller cardboard circle on the first cake and gently center the second cake on it.
  6. Drive a long wooden stick through the center top of the upper cake all the way down to the cake drum.

Commercial 2 tier cake stands
You may also purchase stands from live stores or from your local party supplies store. These are mostly made of metal or plastic and come in decorative shapes. The tiers are not piled one on top of the other and there is typically a considerable space intervening between tiers. Some stands will have a central shaft so you will need to bake your cake with a hole through the center. There are baking tins made especially for this purpose. Other stands, typically those where the cakes are off-center, don’t require any special baking. Although you may want to use a set of novelty cake tins for full effect Some prefer metal stands, others prefer home-made tiers. It is really just a matter of taste and finding the best design for your child.

Make Your Baby’s First Birthday A Blast With These First Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday as to be done with a lot of care and precautions. Preparations for the big day needs to be done at least a month in advance. If you are of the creative nature that you may have a lot of first birthday party ideas that will make your baby’s party the talk of the town. First you need to think about the theme of the party. Go in for simpler themes like Disney characters, teddy bears, puppies etc.

Once the theme has been decided upon, you must think about the type of 1st birthday photo invitations you might want to send out to the guests. You can either prepare attractive and colorful invitation cards or go in for purchasing them from the numerous online websites. Photo invitations need to have a cute and lovely picture of your baby. If you prefer you can even have different pictures of the baby cut out and made into a collage for the invitation. Wordings can be in the form of quotes or a small story that will describe your baby in a few words.

She´s ONE!

The first birthday photo invitations must be sent at least 2 weeks in advance. This ensures that the guests can be well prepared for the party. Talking about the decorations, you can have for streamers in different shades such as pink, blue, red, yellow green etc to be hung from the ceilings. You can even have cut outs of famous cartoon characters put out at the entrances for the older photos to click photos with. Soft toys can be scattered all across the party hall to give the party a more cute look.

The birthday cake can be in the form of a number 1 or can even have cartoon characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Winnie the Pooh etc. foods can consist of biscuits, fruits that are baby friendly. Adults can have different delicacies like pastries, fruit tarts, custard along with sandwiches, burgers, pastas and many more. The first birthday party ideas games and activities for the older kids can include Hide and seek, Simon Says etc. You can arrange for thank you cards that can be given out on behalf of your baby to the guests.

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