Points To Consider When Choosing A Castle Wedding Venue

So you have decided to marry.  Congratulations!  The only problem now is when, how and most importantly, where to choose as your wedding venue.  How do you have the kind of wedding you have always dreamed of without a movie-star’s budget?

The stranger-than-fiction truth is that you don’t need an infinite supply of money to rent a castle for your wedding.  There are literally thousands of castles to choose from in the UK and Europe, ranging in ambience from the forbidden, impressive fortresses on cliff-tops overlooking the sea, to those in urban centers, where you could hop across the street for a reception at a fantastically chic bar.

The point is, before you decide to give up on your dream of being wed in an ancient castle, check out the host of options available to you first!  When looking, I suggest choosing as wide a range of locations as you can find within a flexible price range.  After that, you want to crunch some numbers and think about what you could sacrifice or benefit from when choosing certain locations, etc. until you come up with a few different distinct and precise possibilities.

Let’s say you really like the look of the fortress on the hill, and really want to have your ceremony there.  Consider where you could have the reception afterwards (if renting is expensive, you may want to move outside to save money).  If you look around and find some property nearby where you could rent some space for a couple of days, then… voila!  You have a conceivable plan, and after some inquiries as to pricing, you will have a plan and a price tag.  Do that for a few different sites, and add about 30% to your first estimates, and you have narrowed down your options.

The only thing left to do is choose your castle wedding venue, and that is possibly one of the best discussions a couple can look forward to.  Enjoy!