Cash or Gift Cards For Your Niece or Nephew?

You suddenly remember that tomorrow is your nephew or niece’s birthday, and that he/she will almost certainly be expecting a gift. However, you are not confident that you could pick out something he would like on such short notice. Should you give him cash or gift cards? Some things to consider:

Is your niece or nephew old enough to own a gift card? If they are still young, you may opt to offer them cash that they can save or use for petty purchases, like for candies or other sweets. If they are teenagers, then you may opt to buy them free gift cards. Many stores acknowledge these and may be used as payments for goods or services. Teenagers will be delighted to use it to purchase some of their wants or to use it in restaurants and other retailers.

Gift cards may not be the most personal of gifts, but they nonetheless show that you have some insight into the recipient’s likes and dislikes. A gift care shows that you took a bit of time, instead of just a bit of money, picking something out. On the other hand, cash gifts are generally not considered personal at all. As for gift cards, you may opt for personalized gift cards with pictures or messages that makes the card more personal.

There are some situations like those the one where cash just is not appropriate. It may perfectly acceptable to give your niece a card and a twenty-dollar bill, but your friend or someone with whom you are professionally connected and might find it bizarre to get the same thing. For birthdays, holidays and other special days, any kind of gift will be perfect for your niece or nephew. Much more if these gifts are cash or gift cards.

With these things in mind, you should probably get in your car and get to the store. I hope that there will at least be some cake at the party tomorrow.