Caring For Your Skateboard

Buying a skateboard is an investment and should be taken care of to make it last as long as possible. There are several things you can do to protect your investment and be a safer skater with simple maintenance and by adding a few extras to your deck.

When you buy your new skateboard, whether its complete or just the deck, there are a few things you should purchase at the same time. Buying grease or oil to lubricate your bearings is a must for any skateboarder. Also purchase extra grip tape so you can replace any that starts to tear or wear off immediately. Some optional purchases that can greatly extend the life of your board are nose and tail guards as well as rail guards. These can be quickly added to your deck and not only protect the graphics, but also prevent your board from grinding itself to a dangerous point increasing the longevity of your board. Purchase risers to prevent your trucks from hitting your deck, which can cause your deck to split. And, of course don’t forget about protective skateboarding gear for safety.

skateboard gear


After the purchase comes maintenance, with regular maintenance your skateboard will ride like new for a long time. Regular maintenance includes cleaning your deck tape after every use as well as cleaning any dirt and grime off the rest of the board. Using a soft bristle brush to clean in hard to get areas can help keeps your wheels rolling and your bearings working longer. Oil the bearings as needed and replace them when cleaning no longer works. Rotate your wheels so they wear evenly and check for flat spots, tears, or other severe wear on the wheels and replace them immediately when found. Check the nuts at least once a week as regular use of the skateboard causes these to loosen and over time they can wear out and become stripped. Regular maintenance will let your skateboard last longer as well as ride smoother for a more enjoyable ride.