Buzz Lightyear Action Figures

Well I have to say that there are some seriously great Toy Story Buzz Lightyears on the market this year, they have really made some improvements and tried as hard as possible to make the Buzz Lightyears action figure as near a replica of the Buzz in the films as is possible. The licensing laws have been overcome and whereas the early Buzz Lightyears had differing voices from the film and did not or could not even look exactly the same and in the same styling of box as we all saw in the films. That however is all over and Buzz Lightyear as we all know and love him can be in your living room for you children to play with and love.

There are still different versions of Buzz on the market and some with rather different price tags but all are absolutely great toys. You can buy the talking Buzz dolls or go for the Ultimate Buzz Lightyear which is an all singing all dancing Buzz the likes of which have never been seen.

The Ultimate Buzz Lightyear may be more expensive but he can speak in both English and Spansih and can move around to explore his own environment with its autonomous roaming mode. He is programmable with a puppeteer feature that allows you to move him and coordinate his movements and record them, then after which he will play them back to you. Impressive stuff I say. Not only this but Buzz can shoot his laser, use his retractable helmet and his wings pop out, all just like the real Buzz Lightyear of the films.

So if you wondered whether you would like to have a little Buzz Lightyear at home for Christmas I hope this will have answered your thoughts. Buzz will keep the children and hopefully you amused for hours at a time. Let the kid’s children’s imagination run wild as they recreate scenes from Toy Story and make there own up.