What to Know Before Buying Baby Girl Shoes

There are so many baby girl shoes produced on a daily basis. With the vast number of designs, colors and materials available, the stress associated with looking for the right pair of shoes is only understandable.

To reduce the stress caused by the many hours of inspecting every pair of shoes, here are tips to help you narrow down your search.

Look for baby shoes that are made of flexible and breathable materials. These are the kinds of shoes that allow proper friction between the floor and your baby’s feet. Flexibility allows baby’s toes to get a good grip on the surface thus developing their muscles and strength.

Babies don’t understand the importance of shoes; they only see footwear as distractions. It is a common scenario to see infants trying to get rid of the shoes they wear. Therefore, it is important that the baby girl shoes should have laces or knots so that babies can’t take them off.

There should be enough room for the toes to wiggle. This means that an allowance of at least ¼ to ½ should be considered. It is unwise to purchase shoes that fit perfectly upon at once because babies grow too fast. Moreover, shoes that are tight may cause deformities such as club foot, bunions and hammertoes.

In addition, check the manufacturer’s instructions if the insoles are absorbent or not. The cause of athlete’s foot in children is the sweat. Hence, the presence of absorbent insole helps keep the feet fresh without the need to interrupt a child’s play time.

Baby girl shoes that have all these characteristics may not come cheap. A wise parent would know that no amount can measure to their child’s comfort and proper growth.

Check your local department stores, baby boutiques and online shops for the perfect shoes for baby girls. If you’re smart, you will buy unisex baby clothing, so you will be able to use it again with your next kid regardless of the gender, and buy some cute baby girl shoes, so people will still be able to know your baby is a girl.