How To Choose The Right Bulldog Puppy For Your Home

Have you been thinking and talking about getting a puppy and are having a hard time trying to decide on which one you would like to have? A bulldog puppy could be the perfect breed of dog for your home. If you are someone who has small children or any children at all they are sure to fall in love with the wrinkled face that all bulldog puppies have, and the bulldog is sure to love and care for your family like any loyal dog should. If you have been thinking about purchasing a bulldog then there are some things that you will want to decide before you start looking around for puppies for sale.

The first thing that you will want to do is figure out what type of bulldog puppy you would like to have. There are several different breeds that you will notice among people who advertise puppies for sale, so you will want to know a little bit about each breed in order to know if it is
the type that you are looking for.

One breed that you may not picture in your mind when you think of a bulldog puppy is a French bulldog puppy. These puppies look different from what many people think of when they hear the word bulldog. This is a small dog that does not have the same look as an English bulldog puppy. This is the type of bulldog that you may want to consider if you are looking for a dog to snuggle up on your lap while you watch television or read a book.

English bulldog puppies are the ones that most people are familiar with. These are the puppies that have the sad looking droopy wrinkled face that everyone finds so cute. These dogs have a large body structure for their relatively small size. You will be able to find these dogs in a few different colors which are red, white, fawn, and bindle so you are sure to get one that is just the right color for you. English bulldog puppies do not get very large. The average male bulldog gets around 55 pounds while the average female weighs about 50 pounds. You will also find that this breed of bulldog is very nice and responsive to all of your family members; especially the kids.

Another type of bulldog that you will see when you are searching for the right bulldog puppy for your family is an American bulldog puppy. This type of dog is strong and slender looking with a smooth sleek coat that usually features the same colors as that of an English bulldog puppy. The American bulldog is generally a happy dog that is always friendly to everyone who is around it.

No matter which type of bulldog puppy you decide is the best for you and your family you are sure to find one to fit in. All three of these breeds of bulldog puppies are different from one another and all have a different look to them. To be sure which puppy you are wanting to get you may want to look at some photos and more information available on the internet.