Bring the Family Together with a Round Kitchen Table

Family is the most important thing in the world and these days it is constantly waging war against the television, the latest video game, laptop computers and their social networking sites, and outsiders. Even though you and your family are physically located in the same house you aren’t getting to know one another unless you really make an effort to spend some time together.

Meals are the fundamental common ground in human society. Everyone has to eat so it is easier to get everyone into one place when food is involved. That’s why areas like the kitchen and the dining room are the best places to forge lasting bonds between family members. It doesn’t matter how big your family is, if you make an effort to sit around the old round kitchen table at least once a day you are going to get to know one another and start to, hopefully, really like each other.

Dot-to-Dot ABCIf you don’t want dinner time to be the only time communication is possible between loved ones you need to make an effort to bring the family together in different ways and at different times. You can still use that round kitchen table you have been eating dinner at but you don’t have to bring food to the table every single time.

Try designating one night out of the week to board game playing. Play something that is going to keep everyone interested and together for an extended period of time so those magical bonds of relationship can take hold. Games like Risk and Monopoly are popular but you can also just use a deck of cards and play some Rummy or some Texas Hold ‘Em.

If board games aren’t your thing you can do something else like scrapbooking or figure painting or some other age appropriate hobby or game. As long as you get your family all in one space for “family night,” with all of the various media forms turned off, you will start to develop lasting relationships. If you can’t do any of this because you don’t have a kitchen table or need a larger one you can learn how to find one at Round Kitchen Table Ideas.