Bratz Dress Up For Your Little Girl

Have you started to notice that your little girl wants to dress trendier? That could be due to the Bratz dress up that is becoming a common game in every household that has a little girl in it. The bratz dress up game is something that a lot of little girls have found to be very intriguing and it opens the door for them to start gaining their own personal style of fashion and design at an early age. If you have been looking at the Bratz dress up games and are trying to decide if they are right for your child this information will help you to make the decision a lot easier.

The characters that you will find with the brats dress up are Cloe, Sasha, Jade, and Yasmin. These are the dolls that are making a statement in the fashion world and have every little girl wanting to wear the fashionable clothes that are themed after the bratz dress up dolls.

If you are wondering what kind of clothes are the Bratz dressing up in you will find several different options. Cloe is one that you can dress up for a party or any fancy event that may be taking place in your child’s fantasies. She has blonde hair and blue eyes with a fair skin tone that makes her a very fascinating doll to play with.

Jade gets her name from her favorite color of green. Your child will have fun styling her long black hair and finding green dresses to put her in. Jade also likes to have nice looking lips so your daughter is sure to have fun making Jade’s lips stand out with different colors after she has dressed her up.

Sasha is always ready to go to a party, but not before your little girl does her eye makeup. Sasha has green eyes that she likes to make stand out as well as dresses that she likes wearing to parties. You child will have a lot of fun playing Bratz dress up with Sasha.

Yasmin is a beautiful doll that has long brown hair and tanned skin that makes her look like a princess. You will be able to fit Yasmin into a long black dress that she is sure to look beautiful in when your daughter plans out a ballroom floor for her to go dancing on.

There are a lot of different accessories available if you are thinking of purchasing a bratz dress up game for your little girl. Your daughter will have a lot of fun dressing up and accessorizing all of the bratz dolls. She will learn how to make clothes match and make her dolls the trendiest on the block. By letting your child play bratz dress up you will be allowing her to have an imagination and have a lot of fun learning how to make the dolls look pretty. Bratz dress up games are some of the best toys to buy a little girl that is into fashion.