Bratz Dress Up Games For Parties

Bratz dress up games are the new rage at little girls birthday parties. Your little girl loves her collection of Bratz dolls and her room is decorated in everything Bratz. The each Bratz doll has her own personality and name but they all have a very strong passion for fashion. The invention of the Bratz dolls has brought along all kinds of products with the Bratz theme and images. There are dolls, clothes, play houses, bedroom sets, board games and even games that can be played online. In fact Bratz has become so popular that they have begun to be a direct competition for the Barbie franchise which has been around for half a century.

Bratz Dress Up Games

Bratz Dress Up Games

For those little girls who like to play Bratz dressing up games there are a hundred sites wear little girls can visit the Bratz characters where little girls can have fun pretending they are their favorite Bratz character or even a fashion designer who styles the outfits for her favorite Bratz character. You child will also benefit from playing these games online. Her hand eye coordination will develop because she will be able to visualize, compare things while clicking and moving around the site.

The Bratz dress up game will teach your daughter her colors and shapes and she will also develop her reasoning skills and making decisions. The Brats dress up games consist of a virtual version of paper dolls that little girls used to play with. There are also party themed Bratz dolls dress up games for your little girl and her friends to enjoy at your daughter’s next birthday party. The party games consist of your child, or other children at the party, helping their favorite Bratz doll to decide on just the right outfit for a specific themed party. There is a time limit in the decision process so the children have to make quick decisions in order to proceed through the game.

Other products created by the Bratz franchise include a clothing line, shoes, bed sets such as comforters, sheets and curtains. Your little girls bathroom could also include a Bratz shower curtain and other decor as will as the dolls and their wide variety of outfits, cars, town houses, etc. There are even make over games where little girls can change the hair on their favorite Bratz doll. The list is endless of the products that have been manufactured under the Bratz name.