Renting Bounce Houses For Parties

Renting bounce houses for children’s birthday parties is becoming a popular party favor for children of many ages. Bounce houses are called many names such as bouncers, moon walk, and bouncies but they are all the same thing. Even though they come in many different shapes, sized, colors and party themes. You can find bounce houses with cartoon characters of all kinds or in a variety of bright colors but the one thing they all have in common is the fun and enjoyment children get from jumping around in a bouncie house.

You don’t have to just rent bounce houses you can start your own bounce house rental rental company. If you do your research you will find that buying bounce houses isn’t really all that expensive and you only need to buy one to start with and as word gets around about your business, and it will as long as you provide dependable friendly service, you will be looking for another bounce house for sale.

bounce houses

bounce houses

When you are ready to start your bounce house rentals business you will need to buy the first bounce house, buy a trailer in order to be able to haul it around and a dependable vehicle that can haul everything you need to set up a successful party for your client. When you purchase your first inflatable bounce house and it is used be sure to thoroughly clean it when you bring it home. Before paying for it make sure the previous owner has it inflated when you go to look at it to make sure there are no damages or if it is in need of any repairs. Make sure it is still durable enough to safely withstand the many children who will be jumping around in it.

Additional expenses to keep in mind when researching the start of a bounce house business is to consider the additional costs such as fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, upkeep of the bounce houses, advertising, a dedicated phone line for the business, business insurance, and you may even want to consider setting up a website. In the beginning if you do all the work yourself you will not have any payroll to meet or payroll taxes. Once you have completed your research and determined the level of competition for bounce house rentals in your area and find that there isn’t a lot then this could be a profitable business to start.