Best Place to Live in America

Every year, in fact throughout the year we see lists and rankings for the Best Place to Live. Most people pay no attention to these lists or simply look at them as a novelty but more and more people are utilizing these lists to help them determine the best place to live for them and their family. In the past we would just pick up and go in search of the best place to find a job. Sometimes it would work out and sometimes not. Then the internet arrived and changed everything. It’s now so easy and so important to do your research in advance of moving and even in advance of visiting potential relocation spots. It also means we can broden the criteria we look at. Sure finding a job and the best job markets is still very important, actually with the latest economic downturn and continuing high unemployment its more important than ever. But moving just to find work can be a mistake. What if you have a young family and the area which presents as having the best jobs also happens to have the worst schooling or is considered very unsafe. Wouldn’t those to factors out weigh your desire for a better job? Isn’t it better to make compromises in other areas of your lifestyle before you put your family or your children’s futures at risk? Sure it is. No one would disagree with that.

So, if you live in the United States and your looking for the Best Place to Live in America may I suggest you consider a few important factors in your search? Think about these important areas and look for lists which give you solid data on each: Economy – that means employment opportunities but it also means cost of living; Culture – what opportunities are there to learn, live and grow outside of work; Safety – to be productive and happy we all need to feel safe; Health – meaning quality of health care services and also quantity and quality of healthy products and services. Searching with these kinds of things in mind will insure your next move is the best one!