It is no doubt that owning a bike is one of the very strong desires of every child but most times, the child does not understand that he/she is too young to own and ride a bike. All the child thinks is that just because it looks easy, he/she can do it. Most parents actually know better, that the child might be too young to ride a bike and buying one for the child will be putting the child at risk of an accident which could be fatal for a young child. Unlike most things which you can let a child try and figure out the consequence for them riding a bike is not one of such as the consequence could be so fatal it could leave a permanent mark on the lives of both child and parent. No parent wants this and they find themselves in a very difficult situation as the child who they love so much does not understand this either. Telling the child that it is not safe only makes the child think that as a parent, you are making up unnecessary excuses because they see other children which are little older riding their own bike with no consequence. Unknown to the child is that there are important skills which are required before one can start to ride a bike and if these skills are not mastered, climbing on a bike might just be the fastest way to see a doctor. One of the best solutions for this scenario is to buy the child a skuut metal balance bike.

This bike has a lot of benefits which makes it quite a relief to any parents going through this issue with their child. The first thing is that you get to buy the child a bike, something which helps to calm them and the second is that you also provide them with a means to learn the necessary skills that they need to learn before owning and riding their own traditional two wheel bike. One might be tempted to ask for the features of this bike which makes it to be beneficial to both the parent and their child. The truth is that the bike has no pedals/training wheel and this makes it safe for a child. This means that the child will be able to push the bike forward and it will commence to be in motion. This is certainly an easy way for the child to learn the basic skills of balance and steering co-ordination which are very important in riding a bike. The skuut metal balance bike is also very adjustable and easy to assemble with its seat and control bar being adjustable. It also has a bell and a hand brake which makes it possible for the child to be able to maintain control of the bike.

All these features just go on to highlight why the skuut metal balance bike is the bike which has your child’s fun and safety at heart.