Benches are Great for Outdoor Storage

If you are short on storage space outdoors, then one easy solution is to use storage benches for your outdoor storage needs.  These benches look like most other types of outdoor benches, except that they have an enclosed area in which you can store small items that you may not otherwise have a place to store. 

This is a great idea just about anywhere in your backyard and garden that you need to store items or that you need seating – you can use the benches on your patio or deck, near a pool, near a children’s play area, near a set of flower beds, or just about anywhere.  The style and design of the bench you choose will depend on what type of look you are going for and how much storage you need.

outdoor storage benches

outdoor storage benches

Some of the most versatile benches used for storage are made from a plastic or composite material in which the top lifts up to reveal open space to store items like cushions, pool toys or even gardening equipment.  These outdoor storage benches are heavy duty and durable and they are very water and weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about moisture seeping in and ruining your items when it rains out.  Another option are benches made from wood, although with these you need to make sure that they contain some type of interior barrier to keep moisture and insects out or that they have no spaces between the planks of wood.  The wood versions are usually much more attractive than the plastic versions and are more apt to be used on decks or patios.  The plastic models, however, are usually a better choice near a pool or children’s play area.

Benches are a great way to provide not only seating but some extra storage space for items you use outside.  Their dual purpose makes them very functional accessories for your backyard space.