A Guide To Ben 10 Games

If you are parent to a Ben 10 fan and you have the latest Omnitrix watch and set of action figures, then you may be wondering what else you can buy. Luckily for your child, there is a wide variety of Ben 10 games for them to enjoy. To give you an idea as to which are the best games, this article will cover a few of the hottest.

There are now two Ben 10 video games available for the Wii, NDS, PS2, PSP etc. They are suitable for fans aged 5-12 years and are called Ben 10 Protector Of The Earth and Ben 10 Alien Force. The difference between the two is only in the aliens that your child can transform into. As such before you buy one you had better check whether they prefer the original series aliens or those from the Alien Force sequel and buy the game accordingly. During the game, players move through various platforms as Ben, transforming into aliens as need be to fight off baddies or overcome other challenges. The game’s controls are easy to pick up and play is straightforward but does have some challenging bits. There is a great co-operative play mode where older siblings or parents can join in as a second Ben to help the youngsters out. You can jump in or out as the second player at any point during the game.

To keep your children away from the TV and computer games, there are a few action style games. The best of the bunch is the Laser Set which will get them outside running about and hiding from their opponent as they attempt to register the winning eight successful hits on the infrared sensor. For an indoor battling game, the Alien Force Quickshot marble blasting game is a good option. Players shoot marbles at the other player’s alien cards which are loosely fixed onto the playing board, trying to knock them down.

If you are after some games to take on days out or holidays you should check out the card games. The best known and most popular is Top Trumps. The artwork alone keeps children amused and they can also play the game by trying to trump their opponent in categories including Mischief & Mayhem and Freakiness. Other card games include the Omnitrix Duel For Power game and the Trading Card game, the latter of which you need to buy the Starter Deck for to get you going. Ben 10 Marbz is another portable game. There are 360 marbles to collect and use in a range of skill games.

Those Ben 10 games mentioned above are the best ones to start with. The worst are the board games so steer clear of them. Contrary to popular belief there is no Ben 10 Race Against Time game – it is just the name of the first live action movie.