Tracking Bed Bug Infestation With The Bed Bug Registry

Have you ever traveled and wondered who has slept in the bed the previous night or what might be in this bed that you are getting ready to sleep in? I travel a lot and quite frankly it creeps me out. I do not like to travel and stay in beds that other people sleep in. Unfortunately that’s what my job calls for and I have to keep putting food on the table. I have been in some real dirty motels and hotels. There is no telling what I have slept on. Now I hear that bed bugs are becoming a real problem in America. Some of the nicer hotel and motel chains have been reported because of bed bug infestations.

Until 2006, there was not really a way to determine where the bed bugs were. Now we all have a way to report and monitor the infestation of bed bugs using the Bed Bug Registry. This is a very cool website and I think it’s an asset to the public at large. It has a very huge database of reports of bed bug reports. Another feature that I really like is the fact that you can search and receive e-mail alerts based on your zip code. Whenever I travel and reserve a room at a motel, (actually before I make a reservation) I go to the Bed Bug Registry to see if there are any reports on this chain or particular hotel. The last thing I want to do is to bring back any of those critters to my own house and family. They can easily travel with you in your clothing and luggage. If you are weary after you have traveled and want to make sure to eliminate the spread of the bugs, just put everything into your washer when you get home and wash in the hottest water possible. The hot water will kill the bugs and their eggs. I hope you never have an incident with bed bugs.