Becoming a Redhead?

So, you have decided that you would like to experience life as a redhead, and you are about to go out and buy some dye so you can sport a gorgeous, fun red hair color?  Here are some tips to help your transition go smoothly.

First of all, go online, look at all of the different shades of red hair color and familiarize yourself with the terms used to describe them. You will need to refer to those terms when you buy your hair dye.   When you buy your dye read the description and base your decision on that, not on the photo on the front of the box.  If you still are not sure, compare the swatches of hair color printed on the box.

If you are not sure the color will suit you, you can always try streaking your hair first with that color. If it suits and you are happy with the outcome, go ahead and do your entire head.  Alternatively, use a semi-permanent dye as it is possible to wash it out if you do it within the first forty eight hours.

Hair Color Red

Red Hair Color

To ensure that the color ends up as true to what it is supposed to as possible, prepare your hair. Red hair colors are the hardest to get to last, as they wash out easily and change shade quickly. First of all, buy a chelating shampoo to strip all of the mineral build-ups and styling creams from your hair. Normal shampoo still leaves a lot of residue on your hair shafts. After that, wash with a clarifying shampoo to strip any leftover conditioner from your hair. Totally stripping down your hair like this will give you the best results when you dye your hair.

Finally, after you have dyed your hair, do not wash it again for at least 24 to 48 hours. The longer you are able to hold off on washing your hair, the more likely it is that the red dye will last.

Do not forget that you will need to also re-assess what make up and clothes go with your new coloring as well.

If you follow these few routine tips you should find that your red hair dyeing experience will go well. Enjoy being a redhead, it is said they have lots of fun!