Beach Accessories for a Day of Science at the Beach

On your next trip to the beach with your kids, mix things up bigtime by adding a dash of scientific exploration into your day. Take the opportunity to teach your kids about science while enjoying an afternoon at the beach by packing your beach bags with beach accessories fit for a would be future marine biologist.

As parents not only does this make going outdoors more enticing for your kids, but it also helps them stay ahead at school. Especially now that more and more  learning institutions are including a time outside the classroom into their curriculum. This is because many studies have proven that children who spend more time outdoors actually have a faster learning curve than kids who spend their time mostly indoors.

Every kid has an innate sense of wonder about the world and as parents we should encourage our kids to explore the world around them and what better way than a science filled afternoon at the beach.

Here are some beach accessories you’ll need to put together a science kit for your budding marine explorer.

Drawstring Beach Bags. Using a drawstring beach bag instead of other types of beach bags is perfect for an activity like this because it allows your kids full use of their hands to pick up shells or list down their seashore finds.

Water. This is an essential, not just for a day at the beach but for everyday activities as well. Having water in their beach bags not only keep your kids hydrated, but also to keep their mind sharp as drinking water has been regarded by many research to improve ones ability to focus.

Sunblock. As advised by The Skin Cancer Foundation, wear SPF 50 or higher when spending prolonged time under the sun. Also teach your kids the proper way of applying sunscreen for maximum protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

A notebook and pen. What is an exploration if there’s no data? Put a notebook and a pen in their beach bags to serve as a log of all the animals and plants they’ve seen at the beach. You can also include a small box of crayons so they draw what they’ve seen. After a day of exploration you can all look at the data you’ve gathered over a nice beach picnic.

A small trash bag. In an activity like this you are not just teaching your kids about science but also about caring for the environment. Give them each a small trash bag where they can throw in some of the trash they see at the beach. This teaches your kids to be responsible about the things they do when outdoors.

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